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Five Themes of Geography Assignment

Putting the Five Themes of Geography into Practice


The following assignment is meant to be given after the teacher has presented the definitions and examples of the five themes of geography. The following directions are given to the students:

  1. Use the newspaper, magazines, pamphlet, flyers, etc. (whatever is the most readily available) to cut out an example of each of the five themes of geography (Use your notes to help you find examples.):
    • Location
    • Place
    • Human Environment Interaction
    • Region
    • Movement
  2. Paste or tape the examples to a piece of paper, leave room for some writing.
  3. Next to each example you cut out, write what theme it represents and a sentence stating why it represents that theme.

    Ex. Location: (Picture of a car accident from a paper) This picture shows relative location because it portrays an accident by the Drive-In Theatre on Highway 52 two miles west of Everywhere, USA.

    HINT: If you have a question, ASK - don't wait until the homework is due!
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