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Basic Steps for the Initial Arkansas Teaching Certification:

You must hold a bachelor's degree and complete a student teacher program. You must also pass the Praxis I, II, and III exams. An initial teaching license is valid for one to three years. During this initial time, teachers are considered to be in a time of induction and will have a site-based, trained mentor for support. When novice teachers and their mentors decide that they meet the mentoring requirements, the new teacher will then complete the Praxis III performance assessment. Successfully completing this will result in a standard teaching license. The standard teaching license can be renewed every five years.

Information for Teachers Certified Elsewhere:

The type of license Teachers certified elsewhere will receive in Arkansas is based on their previous exam scores and their teaching experience. A one-year, non-renewable teaching license will be issued to applicants with a current/expired out-of-state or out-of-country license, but who lack the required testing, the three hour Arkansas History course, or cannot document three years of teaching experience. If the teachers has not taught for three years then they will need to complete Praxis exams. Further, elementary and middle school and social studies teachers must pass a three-hour Arkansas history course.

Information for a Standard License :

The initial license is only valid for up to three years. After that the teacher must successfully complete the Praxis III performance assessment. The standard teaching license they receive at that point is renewable and valid for five years. In order to renew this license, the teacher must complete at least 60 professional development hours per year.

Teaching Outlook in Arkansas:

As with many states across the nation, Arkansas has critical shortages in many subjects. Their greatest shortages exist in:
  • Drama/Speech
  • Mathematics (Secondary)
  • Foreign Language
  • Science (Secondary)
  • Special Education
The Arkansas Department of Education has created Critical Need Scholarships and other forms of financial aid for teachers of these subjects. The average teacher salary is over $41,489 a year and a beginning teacher makes over $28,784.

Additional Information for Arkansas Teacher Certification:

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