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Delaware Teacher Certification


Basic Steps for the Initial Delaware Teaching Certification:

You must hold a bachelor's degree and complete a student teacher program. You must also pass a general knowledge exam such as PRAXIS I. An applicant who previously held a valid Delaware Standard or Professional Status Certificate who has been out of the profession for more than three years will be issued an initial license. In addition to an Initial License, applicants must also apply for a Standard Certificate in the particular area, subject, or category in which they wish to be employed, and must verify that they possess the prescribed knowledge, skill or education to practice in that area, subject, or category.

Information for Teachers Certified Elsewhere:

An Initial License shall be issued to an applicant currently licensed as an educator in another jurisdiction with less than three years of teaching experience. A Standard License will be issued to those who hold a full and current license/certificate in another U.S. state. Out-of-state educators who hold full and current licensure/certification do not have to meet the Praxis I testing requirement.

Information for a Continuing License :

Once you have successfully finished three years of teaching under the initial license with no more than one unsatisfactory summative evaluation are eligible for a renewable Continuing License. This license lasts for five years.

Teaching Position Outlook for Delaware :

As with many states across the nation, Delaware has critical shortages in many subjects. Their greatest shortages exist in:
  • Art
  • Bilingual Teachers
  • Business Education
  • English
  • ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics (all levels)
  • Music
  • Reading Specialists
  • Science (all levels)
  • School Librarians
  • Special Education
  • Technology Education
The Delaware Department of Education has created Critical Need Scholarships for teachers of these subjects. The average teacher salary is over $54,537 a year and a beginning teacher makes over $39,941.

Additional Information for Delaware Teacher Certification :

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