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Michigan Teacher Certification


Basic Steps for Michigan Teacher Certification:

If you have graduated from a state-approved teacher preparation program, then you need to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). Then you will be issued a Provisional Certificate which is valid for six years.

Information for Teachers Certified Elsewhere:

If you are certified in another state and move to the state of Michigan you will be given a Temporary Teacher Employment Authorization certificate valid for one year and nonrenewable. During this year, you must pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC).

Information for Professional Education Certificate:

To receive a Professional Education Certificate, a teacher must complete 18 semester hours in a planned course of study or the completion of a Master’s or higher degree. Further, a teacher must complete three years of teaching. Finally, a teacher must also meet the reading requirements. This certificate is valid for five years.

Teaching Position Outlook for Michigan:

As with many states across the nation, Michigan has shortages in many teaching areas and subjects as can be seen from this report. The average teacher salary is over $53,900 and a beginning teacher makes over $35,500.

Additional Information for Michigan Teacher Certification:

Want more information? Visit the Michigan Teacher Certification area at the Michigan Department of Education.

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