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Minnesota Teacher Certification


Basic Steps for an Minnesota Teacher Certificate:

New teachers who have just graduated from a certified Minnesota teacher program need to apply for an Initial Certificate. You must hold a bachelor's degree and complete a student teacher program. You must also obtain a recommendation from their teaching program. You will need to take and pass a CPR course along with a content knowledge assessment.

Information for Teachers Certified Elsewhere:

If a teacher holds an out-of-state professional certificate or has completed a state-approved educator program and received a recommendation form from another state, then they may be eligible for teacher certification. Specific Indiana requirements may need to be completed based on individual experience and credentials. The Office of Educator Licensing and development will evaluate your credentials and let you know if you have any deficiencies.

Teaching Position Outlook for Minnesota:

Their greatest shortages exist in:
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Special Education
The average teacher salary is over $46,591 a year and a beginning teacher makes over $30,844.

Additional Information for Minnesota Teacher Certification:

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