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Teacher Certification in Texas


Basic Steps for Texas Teacher Certification:

  1. Receive a Bachelor's Degree from an Accredited College or University.
  2. Complete teacher training through an approved program.
  3. Pass the Texas teacher certification exams for the subjects and grades to be taught.

Information for Teachers Certified Elsewhere:

  1. Teachers from states in which selected tests are deemed similar to the Texas Teacher Certification Test can be certified in Texas with accompanying documentation. These tests currently include selected exams from Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. You can access the complete list here
  2. Certified teachers from other states not included in number 1 above must pass the Texas Teacher Certification tests.

Special Programs for Texas Teacher Certification and Education:

Each year the Texas Education Agency (TEA) creates a list of areas and schools that provide teachers with loan forgiveness and cancellation programs. As a teacher of a critical need shortage area or in a low income school, you may qualify for partial or complete loan forgiveness or deferment. Example of recent subject areas that qualified for this program include Special Education, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages. For more information, visit the TEA Website.

Teaching Position Outlook for Texas:

As with many states across the nation, Texas has shortages in all teaching areas and subjects. Some of the more critical needs occur in mathematics, science, special education, and foreign languages. According to the Texas State Board of Educator Certification website, the state will need over 82,000 new teachers by 2008. The average teacher salary is $38,857.

Additional Information for Teacher Certification Texas:

Want more information? >Visit the Texas Teacher Certification FAQ at the Texas State Board of Educator Certification site.

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