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Substitute Teacher Sites

Substitute teachers often have a tough time of it in the classroom. Find information to help substitutes.

What Is a Substitute Teacher?
Find out the duties, educational requirements, pay, and more information about substitute teachers.

Ideas for Substitute Teachers With No Lesson Plans
Here are a number of great ideas that substitute teachers can use when they are faced with a class with no lesson plan available.

Emergency Lesson Plans
It is important that teachers create emergency lesson plans in case they are unable to make it into school. This article gives many ideas to help with the creation of these lesson plans.

Classroom Management Tips for Substitute Teachers
These classroom management tips can help substitute teachers stay in control while dealing with difficult students.

11 Things Substitute Teachers Can Do to Get Asked Back
Here are eleven things that substitute teachers can do to help them build a positive reputation.

Substitute Folders
Learn about the best items to include in substitute folders.

Chapter 2: Preparing for the Battle
Practical suggestions to help the sub survive the unexpected include a changer of clothes in the car!

Chapter 3 The Gatekeeper
This page explains how to best deal with people offering jobs to keep them coming.

Chapter 4 Before Class Begins
A few tips to help get the class off to a good start.

Chapter 5 During Class
My favorite of this series contains ideas teachers as well as substitutes will find effective.

List of Busy Work
Don't miss this list of interesting tricks to have up your sleeve when lesson plans are missing.

Here are some suggestions to try when things are going awry.

Useful Information for Substitute Teachers
Good practical advice such as what to bring with you and what to do before and after class. A short list of the benefits of substitute teaching is included.

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