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Emergency Lesson Plans
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Emergency lesson plans are a necessary part of teaching. Their purpose is to give a substitute a plan to follow if you had an emergency and were unable to complete a lesson plan for them. Since emergencies can arise at any time, emergency lesson plans should be nonspecific in terms of material normally covered in your course. Following are some ideas that you can use as you create your own emergency lesson plans:
  • Questions from chapters in your textbook that you do not plan on covering during the year
  • Self-inclusive worksheets like crossword puzzles or word searches based on your subject
  • Outside readings with questions
  • Essay topics with guidance of how you want the essays written
  • Guidance lessons if your school does character education
While emergency lesson plans will not cover material you are currently working on in you class, you should try to make them educational in some way. It is always a good idea to mark the location of your emergency lesson plans within your substitute folder. You might not want to include them in the folder so as to avoid confusion. With that said, nothing can replace your own specifically written lesson plans. If you are feeling under the weather at the end of a school day, it is a good idea to write out your substitute plan just in case.
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