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What Is a Media Specialist?
What is a media specialist? This article takes a look at this educational career and discusses the duties, education, characteristics, and typical salaries of the position.

What Is a Teaching Assistant?
What is an teaching assistant? Read all about their responsibilities, education required, and salaries of teaching assistants.

What Is a Teacher?
What is a substitute teacher? Find out substitute teaching duties, education, characteristics, and salaries.

Normal School Definition
Read what the term Normal School means.

So You Want to Become a Teacher?
This article details different methods that can be used to become a teacher.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Teacher
Teaching is truly a noble profession. It is also a very time consuming one, requiring a commitment on your part. Teaching can be very demanding but can also be extremely rewarding. Here are 5 things you should consider before taking up teaching as your chosen career.

Top Qualities of a Great Teacher
Want to strive towards greatness? Take a look at these eight qualities that great teachers should have.

10 Ways to Be a Good Mentor Teacher
Mentor teachers can use these ideas to help provide new teachers with great advice and insights.

Importance of Effective Teacher Training
Why is effective teacher training so important? This article takes a look at why we must ensure that new teachers get the proper training.

Top Quotes for Teachers and Educators
These collected quotes are for and about teachers and teaching, the noble profession.

Top 10 States for Average Teacher Pay
Here is a list of the top ten states for the highest average teacher pay according to statstics from the AFT.

Top Reasons to Become a Teacher
Why teach? Take a look at this list of reasons to become a teacher.

Student Teacher Checklist
Student teaching can be a scary time. This checklist can help student teachers familiarize themselves with key pieces of information about the school where they are teaching.

Mentor Advice and Ideas
Share your thoughts and ideas to help mentors be great at helping new teachers succeed.

Student Teachers and Stress
Student teachers are faced with many different stressors. This article examines these and provides insight into how to fight them.

Education Careers
There are a number of education careers that need good individuals who really want to help students succeed. This article provides an overview of a number of these careers.

What Is a Teacher?
What is a teacher? Learn about the duties, education, characteristics, and salaries of teachers.

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