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What are the issues surrounding teacher tenure?
This FAQ takes a look at the issues and concerns that individuals have about teacher tenure.

How Does Tenure Affect Layoffs of Teachers?
This FAQ looks at how tenure affects layoffs of teachers.

What Are a Teacher’s Rights Under Tenure?
This FAQ looks at what rights teachers have under tenure rules.

What is Tenure?
What is tenure? Read this FAQ to find out.

Four Stages of Teaching
There are four major stages involved in the typical teaching career. Learn about each stage and how to move from one to the next.

Top 10 Reasons to Become Teacher
Teaching is an amazing career. Why should someone become a teacher? Take a look at this top ten list of great reasons to become a teacher?

You Know You Are a Teacher When - User Answers
You know you're a teacher when.... Users share their own humorous thoughts on how to tell you're a teacher.

You Know You're a Teacher When...
When you're a teacher, you often find that the line between teaching and everyday life becomes blurred. Following is a humorous look at how teaching pervades our entire lives. My goal is to keep adding new items as I think of them. Please feel free to add your own thoughts at the end of the list. Enjoy!

First Year Teacher Advice - What You Wish You'd Known Your Fi…
What do you wish you'd have known during your first year of teaching? Share your thoughts with other educators here.

Why Did You Become a Teacher
Why did you become a teacher? What made you join the teaching profession? Share your reasons for becoming a teacher.

Teachers as Organizers
In order to become more effective in our role as teacher, we must cultivate key organizational skills. This article looks at the reason why teachers need to become better organizers.

Classroom Checkout List
This classroom checkout list can help teachers as they end the school year.

Census Jobs for Summer
Learn about US census jobs.

Top 10 To Do's for Teachers During Summer Vacation
Summer vacation is a time for teachers to recharge and refocus as they prepare for another group of students. Here are ten to do's that teachers can work on during this summer vacation.

Field Trips
Field trips are normally not a required part of the curriculum. This article deals with how teacher can create effective field trips.

Top 10 Characteristics of a Quality School
How do you know if the school where you are teaching is the right one for you? How can you tell before you even take a job there? What are some of the key characteristics of effective schools? Here are 10 ways to know if your school is effective.

Welcome to Secondary Educators Site
This page provides quick access to many of the major pages on the Secondary Education site.

Being a Club Sponsor
What you need to know about sponsoring a student club.

Helping Students Take Notes
Students often have a difficult time taking notes in a classroom setting. This article talks about ways that you can help students as they take notes.

Most Important Aspects of a Quality School
What are the most important aspects of a quality school? Teachers share their thoughts and opinions.

What is Pedagogy?
Learn more about what pedagogy means.

Impact of Teacher's Words and Actions
It is very important that teachers are careful with both their words and actions because without meaning to they can have a huge, lifelong impact on their students. This article looks at the importance of teacher's words and actions.

Importance of Teacher Reflection
Daily, unit, term, and end-of-year reflection are all very important parts of helping a teacher grow in their chosen profession. This article looks at methods of teacher reflection along with what to do with the information learned.

Steps to Starting a Class Off Right
This checklist provides teachers with a method to start each class period off in the best way possible.

Teacher Role: Curriculum Expert
Learn ways that you can build curriculum knowledge so that you can become a curriculum expert in your topic.

Sick Buildings and Teachers
Learn the causes and effects of living in sick buildings along with steps you can take to help if you feel that your school is making you ill.

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