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Census Jobs for Summer


Please note: This article was written in 2000. There are still many field jobs available through the Census. Here is the website for more information: http://www.census.gov/hrd/www/jobs/fo.html. Further, in 2010, the census will again be taken, and there will be a need for many part time census takers throughout the summer of that year.

Summer vacation is a time for some teachers to take off on trips or spend time with their families. However, many others try to supplement their income with work during the summer months. Summer school is definitely an option, although a lot of teachers I know wish for a change of pace during the break. Every ten years the United States government takes a census. This provides teachers with great opportunities for summer work.

Census Jobs

There are two categories of jobs available through the U.S. Census Bureau when the census is being taken: Census taker and crew leader. The Census taker is responsible for locating households, listing addresses and conducting interviews. Usually, the work occurs in the evenings and on weekends because that is when most people are at home. The pay for this job ranges from $8.25 to $18.50 per hour depending on where you live. You also get paid for your mileage. In my area, the reimbursement is at $.35/mile.

Crew leaders supervise, train, observe and review the work of the Census takers. Their pay rate is between $9.75 and $20.00 per hour. They also get reimbursed for mileage.

How to Qualify

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must pass a written test of basic skills (see below)
  • You must pass a security background check
  • You cannot be a law enforcement official, tax collector, or tax assessor
  • You cannot participate in any partisan political activities while on duty
  • You need a reliable vehicle

When are the Census Jobs Available

Non-response follow up jobs are available from April through June of the census year. Quality check interviewing occur from June through August.

How to Apply

  1. Call 1-888-325-7733 to find out when and where a testing session is going to take place
  2. Take and pass the test. Bring an application with you to the testing site.

What's On the Test?

The employment test is really a test of basic skills. It consists of 28 questions that measure basic skills. It is divided into five different sections: reading, clerical, numerical, evaluative, and organizational skills. You are given 30 minutes to take the test, and you can retake it as often as you like. All of the questions are multiple choice.

For Further Information

If you would like more details about the Census and the jobs available, go to the official U.S. Census Bureau site. Good Luck! More information on Education Job Searches.
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