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End of the Year Classroom Checkout List


With the end of the school year, teachers have many loose ends they need to tie up. Schools typically give teachers a list of what they have to do before they can be released for the summer. However, this typically does not cover everything that a teacher needs to remember before they hand in their keys and leave.

Following is a list of both the obvious and less obvious items that teachers need to make sure that they complete before they head out for summer break. Note: This list includes items that might not apply to you if you are not going to be located in the same room as last year or if you did not have a permanent room. It also assumes that you have already collected books and supplies checked out to students.

End of the Year Checklist

  • Put your name on any classroom item that you wish to keep for next year. For example, if you are leaving your files at school in a file cabinet, make sure to put masking tape with your name on it on the file cabinet. Items have a tendency to leave if they are not marked.
  • Clean up your classroom. While the desks and floors will be swept and washed by the janitorial staff over the summer, it is your responsibility to make sure that the following is done:

    * All bulletin boards, countertops, and desks are cleared.
    * All supplies are stored and clearly labeled.
    * All boxes and items are placed in cabinets or removed from the floor so that it can be cleaned.

  • Classroom repair list completed and submitted. (Due Date) __________
  • All audio-visual equipment returned.
  • Computer files are cleaned up, deleting and organizing as necessary.
  • If left in the classroom, computers and monitors are unplugged. Otherwise, computers and monitors returned.
  • Teacher laptops returned or checked out for the summer.
  • Any library books you have checked out returned to the media center.
  • Senior failure lists turned in (Due Date) ___________
  • Student failure lists (other than seniors) turned in (Due Date) __________
  • Parent contacts made concerning failing students
  • Final Grades turned in (Due Date) ____________
  • Official grade book turned in (Due Date) ___________
  • Lesson plans turned in (Due Date) _____________
  • Student fine list for books not returned submitted (Due Date) __________
  • Keys returned
Hopefully with all of this complete, you can enjoy a relaxing summer. Best of luck!
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