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Teaching 101


Teaching 101 can help you understand all the basics of teaching. Here you will be provided with information to help with classroom discipline, lesson planning, teaching techniques, and much more. Best of luck in your teaching endeavors and here's to great student success!
  1. Becoming a Teacher
  2. Classroom Discipline
  3. Classroom Policies
  1. Grading & Rubrics
  2. Handling Stress and Burnout
  3. Dealing With Unexpected Issues

Becoming a Teacher

Teacher Spelled With Blocks

Do you want to take on the "noble profession" and become a teacher? The following information not only explains about national board certification and the certification requirements in some of the major states but also gives you important reasons why you should teach and information for student teachers. Make sure to take the fun and enlightening Teacher Personality Quiz so that you can hone your teaching skills and become a more effective teacher.

Classroom Discipline

Classroom discipline tops the list of concerns for new and many experienced teachers. Want to learn about the best ways to deal with classroom discipline issues? Here is some great information and wonderful resources that can help you.

Classroom Policies

While classroom policies might seem mundane and boring, they are the backbone to effective classroom management. Here you will find information to help you organize yourself and create effective classroom policies on many topics including class rules, late work, make up work, and more.

Grading & Rubrics

One of the major tasks that teachers need to complete is grading the work that students turn in. It is important that teachers realize the importance of putting quality time into their grading systems. Rubrics are an effective way to help grade complicated assignments.

Handling Stress and Burnout

Teaching is an extremely stressful job. Many teachers leave the profession within the first five years. In most situations, teachers are not compensated properly for the job that they are asked to do. Many administrators have the attitude that since teaching is a "calling" then teachers should willingly give of their free time to help out the students. Further, the expectations for teachers have become so high that there is a lot of pressure placed on them. With all of this, it can be hard to avoid stress and burnout. These resources are meant to help you on your journey in this rewarding and demanding field.

Dealing With Unexpected Issues

It is important as a teacher to expect the unexpected. Don't get flustered when everything doesn't work out perfectly because it usually doesn't. Roll with the punches and become a problem solver not a problem creator. Here is some information that can help you as you deal with unexpected problems.

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