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If you want to make your life a little easier in the school where you teach, it is important to befriend some key coworkers: the Principal's secretary, the bookkeeper, the media specialist, your room's janitor, and the sub coordinator. The Principal's secretary has a wealth of information and can help you get in to see the principal when necessary. If you plan on doing any type of fundraising or if you get special funds to spend, you will need to be able to easily interact with the bookkeeper. The media specialist is very important if you want to use media equipment or take your students to the media center. Other than always being polite and respecting their space, it is also important that your kids are always on their best behavior while at the media center. Your room's janitor is of course very important. They deserve your respect for the hard work that they do. Be friendly and talk with them. You will find that your room might not be the one that just doesn't get as good of a cleaning. The sub coordinator can be very important, especially in your first year. Always follow the rules and call in as soon as you realize that you're going to be missing a day. Always remember simple courtesy with your coworkers can go a long way.

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