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Tips, strategies, ideas, and information to help teachers become more effective with discipline, motivation, and more.
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What Not to Do on a Field Trip
This list provides a great look at what not to do on a field trip.

Effective Teacher Questioning Techniques
This article takes a look at effective ways to ask questions in the classroom setting.

Avoiding Teacher Bias and Erroneous Beliefs
These six erroneous beliefs and teacher biases are important to keep in mind as you teach on a daily basis.

Worst Things Teachers Do - User Answers
What do you think are the worst things that teachers do? Share your thoughts.

Reader Stories and Submissions
As teachers, we often work in isolation. Here is a place where we can begin to share our thoughts and our stories so that we can work through challenges and celebrate victories together.

Teacher Profiles
Share your teacher profile with other teachers. Together we can celebrate your unique contributions and what you bring to teaching. See submissions

Shared Best Practices - Organization Tips
Share your best practices for organizing housekeeping and recordkeeping tasks in your classroom.

Why I Became a Teacher
Why did you become a teacher? Share your story here, and read why others chose this wonderful profession. See submissions

What Is the Aim of Education?
Here are different aims of education that are often espoused.

Teacher Housekeeping Tasks
Take a look at the housekeeping tasks that teachers need to master.

Share Your Best Teaching Experience
Share your best teaching experience with other readers.

Top Six Keys to Being a Successful Teacher
Learn about six things that the most effective and successful teachers all share.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Many schools do not require yearly parent conferences after elementary school for all students. Therefore, when a secondary school educator meets with parents for a conference, it is typically because the student in question is struggling either academically, behaviorally, or both. This list is focused on helping teachers prepare themselves for...

Planning Instruction
One of the six main tasks that teachers perform is planning, developing, and organizing instruction. Planning instruction is the key to a teacher's sanity. This article focuses on the tools that can help you plan, develop, and organize instruction effectively.

Wait Time
What is wait time and how does it relate to student learning? Find out the best way to use wait time in your classroom.

Surviving Trips to the Media Center
These seven tips and strategies can help make trips to the media center effective and enjoyable.

Top 6 Teacher Tasks
What do teachers really do? Every task that teachers perform falls under one of six categories. Many states such as the state of Florida use these and similar categories when observing teachers. They truly are a great way to organize your thoughts and systems around teaching. Following are the six teacher tasks with information and tools to help...

Classroom Management Strategies
Here is a great list of quick tips that you can use right away to help increase your classroom management skills within the classroom.

Teaching Feedback From a Veteran Teacher
This teaching feedback were given by an awesome veteran teacher to a new student teacher on her first day of teaching. The feedback is not only useful but also realistic and applicable to most new (and many veteran) teachers daily classroom skills.

Top 10 Worst Things a Teacher Can Do
What are the worst things that teachers can do? Read this list and find out.

Top Ten Tips for Student Teachers
Here are ten great tips to help student teachers succeed.

Educational Probing Techniques
These techniques provide teachers with many ideas to help them elicit better responses from students during lessons.

What is Tenure?
Learn all about teacher tenure with this definition.

Teacher Burnout Definition
Learn more about teacher burnout.

Methods for Presenting Subject Matter
There are many methods for presenting subject matter to students. This list presents the most common methods that teachers use to present subject matter with further advice and information.

Create a Restroom Pass System For Class
This article explains how to create a restroom pass system.

Teaching and Unexpected Interruptions
This list provides a look at the types of disruptions that might occur in a typical day of teaching.

These quotes about education show what the American Presidents have believed throughout the years.

Review Methods for Classroom Teachers
Daily and weekly review can lead to a much greater retention of material for students. This list reveals five review techniques that teachers can use to help their students review material previously learned.

Learning Environment Checklist
Help provide students with a wonderful learning environment by using this checklist.

Play the Basketball Review Game
Find out how to create a fun basketball review game for your class.

How to Facilitate Learning
This article looks at ideas to help teachers facilitate student learning.

Teaching Strategy List
These fifteen teaching strategies can be used to vary instruction and ensure that students have the best chance of success.

Field Trips: Pros and Cons
Field trips can be great educational experiences but can also cause teachers a lot of headaches. Learn about the pros and cons of field trips with this article.

Five Important Classroom Procedures
Teachers should focus on creating effective classroom procedures for these five situations to help create the best learning environment for students.

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