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Strategies for Daily Teaching


The following feedback was given by an awesome veteran teacher to a new student teacher on her first day of teaching. This feedback is not only useful but also realistic and applicable to most new (and many veteran) teachers daily classroom skills. Use this page as a reminder to yourself of things you can immediately do to enhance your teaching skills.
Note: This is copied exactly as it was given to the new teacher.
  1. You do not talk loud enough. Write Larger!!!
  2. You talk too fast.
  3. You do not seek enough student feedback - at the end of the class is too late.
    • Ask obvious questions
    • Slow down
    • Await responses
  4. This is good information well presented but do not assume the class readily knows the same background you do. (Basic Geography and Political Relations)
  5. Get feedback frequently from various class members. Ask the 'slow ones', ask the 'bright ones'. Do they both follow you?
  6. How about a 'short quiz' tomorrow on these notes?
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