1. Education

Teaching About Terrorism

These resources can aid in helping students understand and deal with terrorism.

Teaching About Terrorism One Year Later
Use these excellent ideas for incorporating the commemoration of the tragic 9/11 attacks into your classroom.

Terrorism and the Classroom
The world has changed with the terrible events of September 11, 2001. Use these techniques to help students deal with terrorist attacks.

Helping Children Cope With Tuesday's Acts of Terrorism
The National Association of School Psychologists has released this handout to help teachers and parents deal with the terrible acts of September 11, 2001.

Disaster Handouts
A very long list of handouts and information to be used with a variety of disasters including terrorist attacks.

PBS: America Responds
This is a comprehensive, continually updated Web site tying together numerous resources for educators, parents, and families from many programs and sites. Access lesson plans for various grade levels, advice on talking to your children about the events, information about the revised PBS broadcast schedule and more.

PBS: America Responds - Classroom Resources
Great collection of lesson plans and resources to help educators begin to help students understand and start the healing process.

What to Tell Children About Terrorist Bombings
While aimed at helping young children, this handout has very useful suggestions to implement with your children and your students.

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