1. Education

Creating Tests

Information and resources for creating tests and assessments that are effective and valid.

Creating Tests Based on Objectives
Learn how to create an effective objective based test that provides guidance for remediation as well.

Assessment Item Creation and Review
Use these tips to help create effective and reliable multiple choice test questions for tests and assessments. You will learn how to create effective stems and responses along with aids for overall test construction.

Tips for Writing Effective True-False Questions
Find excellent tips and advice for writing effective true-false questions.

Creating Effective Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
Find tips and ideas to create effective fill-in-the-blank questions.

Tips to Create Effective Matching Questions for Assessments
Learn tips and ideas to create effective matching questions for assessments.

Tips for Creating Effective Multiple Choice Questions
These tips and hints will help you create great multiple choice questions.

Essay Tests
This article takes an in depth look at creating and scoring essays.

How to Perform Item Analysis for Objective Tests
Performing item analysis is one of the keys to creating valid and reliable tests. Learn more...

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