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Bloom's Taxonomy - Knowledge Category


Bloom's Taxonomy - Knowledge Category
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Knowledge Category Description:

The knowledge category of Bloom's Taxonomy is the simplest level for students. Here, students are required to show that they've gained some form of knowledge from the lesson that was taught. At this level, students focus on direct recall of information.

Knowledge is the lowest level of Bloom's Taxonomy. It forms the base of a pyramid of reasoning skills that students exhibit as they learn. It is an important foundation for future learning. However, many teachers do not move their students too far beyond this level.

Key Words for the Knowledge Category:

recall, define, identify, tell, list label, name, who, what, when, where

Examples of Questions for the Knowledge Category:

  • Who chopped down the cherry tree?
  • List the states that seceded from the union.
  • Identify the prime numbers.
  • When did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?
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