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Top 7 SAT Prep Books


The SAT gives many students nightmares. Use these guides and resources to help students feel prepared and able to succeed on the SAT.

1. 10 Real SATs

When preparing for the SAT exam, nothing can replace actually taking the test itself. The College Board has gathered 10 actual SATs for students to use as practice and for feedback. Definitely a must for anyone wishing to excel on the SAT.
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2. Word Power Made Easy

This excellent book should be required reading for all students preparing for the SAT. Its powerful system for learning words can help students not only on the exam but also in college and in their future careers.
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3. 100 SAT Math Tips, and How to Master Them Now!

This excellent refresher course goes over 100 critical concepts that are important for students who need to review before they go into the SAT. It also has tips for avoiding common traps on the math portion of the exam.
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4. SAT Word Flash

Students can use the 30 lessons in this book to increase their word power in easy steps. Great, easy-to-follow guide.
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5. Kaplan SAT: Math Workbook

If you are a student who needs more than a basic math refresher, this is the book. It covers critical concepts and helps students excel on the math portion of the exam.
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6. Kaplan SAT: Verbal Workbook

Through practice and repetition, this book can help any student improve and excel on the verbal portion of the SAT exam. Make sure not to miss this excellent resource.
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7. Crash Course for the New SAT

If time is running short and your students seem woefully unprepared for the SAT, steer them towards this last minute guide that can help them get a quick, condensed review of the exam.
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