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Web Resources

The Internet is an excellent place to find resources for teachers. Use these web resources to help enhance your classroom and your lessons.
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Free Home Pages for Educators
Use the internet to stay in touch with parents and students with these web pages provided free for teachers!

Free tools to create exams (even crossword puzzles) for printing out or taking on-line. Also maintain a gradebook, print reports, and create an on-line e-learning community.

The Learning Workshop
This site features an online gradebook, class message boards, and email address book, plus articles for teachers. It is offered free for educators!

Here's a great idea. It's like having your own bulletin board on the computer where you can post text, pictures, and files in seconds.

Awesome site full of reference materials including libraries online, acronyms, almanacs, and more!

School Match
Find any school in the United States with the FREE service. Great for relocating. You can also purchase school evaluations here.

SchoolNotes: Web Page Providers
No knowledge of HTML needed. Update your own 'page' for FREE. Just type in your information and SchoolNotes formats it for you. Keep parents informed!

Find a great online gradebook that lets you publish to the Web for FREE! At this point it is only usable on the PC, but this summer they plan to add a web-based version that will be Mac compatible.

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