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Metaphor Poems - Secondary Education - About.com
Use metaphor poems to help teach about metaphors and poetry.
Songs With Metaphors - Secondary Education - About.com
Use songs with metaphors to help teach students about this figure of speech.
Songs With Similes - Secondary Education - About.com
A similar figure of speech is a metaphor. The difference between the two is that while similes use words such as "like" and "as" in them, metaphors do not.
metaphor - definitions and examples - figures of speech
A metaphor is a figure of speech in which an implicit comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common.
Figurative Language Exercise: Metaphors and Similes
The eight passages in this exercise are richly developed with metaphors and similes. Your job is to identify these figures of speech and explain their ...
creative metaphor - definition and examples of creative metaphors
American philosopher Richard Rorty characterized the creative metaphor as a challenge to established schemes and conventional perceptions: "A metaphor is,  ...
Metaphor Definition in Fiction Writing - About.com
A metaphor is a comparison of two things that does not use "like" or "as." Like similes, metaphors are a type of figurative language. Used well, metaphors are an ...
What Is a Metaphor? (Overview & Examples)
Some people think of metaphors as nothing more than the sweet stuff of songs and poems--Love is a jewel, or a rose, or a butterfly. But in fact all of us speak and ...
Visual Metaphor - Definition and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Modern advertising relies heavily on visual metaphors. For example, in a magazine ad for the banking firm Morgan Stanley, a man is pictured bungee jumping ...
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Metaphor - Grammar & Composition
All of us, every day, speak, write, and think in metaphors. Here are 13 types of metaphors, with links to examples and extended definitions.
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