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Teaching in a Private School in Gingoog City

Share Your Story: Teacher Profiles

By Susan39.aparejo

Educational Background

I am SUSAN TAN APAREJO. I graduated Bachelor of Arts major in English, minor in History last 1990 and the following year graduated Bachelor i Secondary Education with same area of special field. I also earned my diploma in SPED, graduated Master of Arts in Teaching SPED with CAR in Ph.D.EPM.

Years You've Been Teaching

My teaching experience started at private secondary school last 1991 at my alma mater for four years time ,another four years in hinterland school from 1995 to 1999, a government public school. From 1999 to the present time I am now assigned at the city school of Gingoog City division.

Courses and Grade Levels You've Taught

As secondary teacher, I am exposed to different levels of learners. When I was assigned at private school, my alma mater, I was teaching English, PEHM, and SOS from second year to fourth year level learners.

At hinterland school, I was teaching my students the subjects such as English, MAPEH, Filipino and SOS in all year levels of secondary education.

At present I am teaching first to third year students in subjects like English, Creative Writing 1 to 4 and remediation for Children with Special Needs.

I am also teaching my part time job as college instructor at BSU.

Public School, Private School, or Both?

Teaching both public and private schools is a real experience molding me into a seasoned mentor in my time for those students who have thirst and slow in learning . Both schools taught me the essence of being a teacher.

Lessons Learned

  • Teachers have their expertise to share everyday. Talking and sharing best thought to them will guarantee exchange of ideas needed for teaching.
  • Teachers tips for teaching are treasure for this type of vocation.
  • Learning by experience is a carve- thrilling part of being a worthwhile mentors.
  • Students have skills, talents and stories to tell. Let us listen them to share us the beauty of life in your presence.
  • Don't underestimate students. They are smart although most of them learn differently, they still are able to learn.
  • Interview students for family background for teaching. It helps much.

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