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Reader Stories: Why I Became a Teacher


Many people who become teachers chose to do so because of an influential teacher or educaitonal experience in their own life. Share your story on how you came to become a teacher and whether you are happy with the choice you made.

Why I Became a Science Teacher

Actually I have been studying a lot of courses. I graduated from a medical secretarial course, bachelor of arts major in psychology and an exchange student to japan just to master the Japanese langua…More

Teaching is a Vocation of Lifetime Experiences

My teaching dream started when I was in grade five. It was a sunny day and the first day of school when I met my grade- five- teacher adviser. She was gentle and soft-spoken. She began liking me and …More

Eureka Moment!

I followed an unconventional path to teaching. It consists of three acts as it were. First I trained choirs of children and adults for over 40 years. And I did it all: the accompaniments, the vocal t…More

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