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Teaching is a Vocation of Lifetime Experiences

Share Your Story: Why I Became a Teacher

By Susan39.aparejo

Why I decided to teach

Teaching is a vocation of lifetime experience. An experience of ceaseless growth, lessons, innovations, success and failures. It's a path leading to a worthwhile destiny after the up and downs of struggles passing away times, effort and expertise in order to build monument of memoir into pupil's or student's heart.

Teaching is a likelihood of children's care and love forgetting time and money selflessly. It is a heroic exploits of a teacher or mentor in every school year to pave learners' way in their quest for education and professional travels.

My path to teaching

My teaching dream started when I was in grade five. It was a sunny day and the first day of school when I met my grade- five- teacher adviser. She was gentle and soft-spoken. She began liking me and my life as pupil was in great twist after that.

Since grade 1 to grade four I hated school due to bullying, intimidation, unfairness, poverty, humiliation of my classmates and teacher's treatment. For me, attending school was my scarring moment. A moment of slavery, fear and hell overwhelmed me. Teachers were busy that they failed to notice a single cell suffering the dilemma of classmate' bullying. I began to invent a make-believe story of my absence from school making alibis and lie just to stay at home. After several detective researches of my parents, they found out my tactics of evading from school.

My father, known for his ill-tempered mood immediately burned all my notebooks and decided to stop me from schooling and I was happy. I never complaint about doing all household chores including baby sitting just to avoid going to school. For me at that time, school is my nightmare.

Another school year was begun. And I was forced by my father to gain education. There in another school I met my grade 5 teacher. With her roles of no bullying, no intimidation, equal opportunity and kind disposition, I began to be inspired and started building my good study habits. At last I did my best! I garnered all the awards in grade 5 until I graduated class salutatorian in grade 6.

I continued garnering awards until my high school graduation when I graduated with highest honors. I never forget my teacher, Mrs. Lydia Gaguan.

I enrolled my college degree Bachelor of Science in Commerce for only one semester. Yet, I swifted to Bachelor of Arts. After graduation, I realized my destiny was really for teaching field.

I graduated an education course and landed a job immediately in my alma mater. My first teaching was a lesson of experience. I encountered a behavioral and emotional problem students. They tested my capacity and everything my moves, ideas, plans and concepts fall into failures.

My classroom was ruled by Goliats of vices in their teenage years. Being the dwarf in my classroom that time, I began to use my power as teacher making them a robot of rules with corresponding

penalty of any violations. However, majority violated and the peak of my temper rose in wildfire.

A notorious boy stood with a knife in his hands ready to assault me. I prayed for my life then.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I uttered a key and miraculous words that frozen him and returned him into senses. Its the world that I knew that time that would melted his rage at me. Its taken from his family background which I made. Family background is useful in dealing with EBD students
  • Punishment is not an answer to the behavior violation of students
  • New teacher needs guidance and expertise of the more experience one
  • A kind and soft voice will melt away the raging fire in times of argument
  • teacher should inspect students' bag foe deadly weapons avoidance
  • teacher should undergo seminar about the trend of learners today

My favorite thing about teaching

My favorite thing about teaching are my ball pen, paper and notebooks. They help me take notes the important message of the day, important failures and success of the times. They carve some experience

My least favorite thing about teaching

My least favorite thing in teaching is chalk. It dusts doesn't make me ill but also lessen my creativity in teaching. Instead of chalk I rather use pilot pen in cartolina for graphic organizers.

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