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Readers Respond: Strategies for Effective Classroom Discipline

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Classroom discipline is a concern for many teachers. Sometimes, the strategies we are using just don't seem to work with a specific group of students. For example, one year I was given a class with a number of strong personalities. One student in particular became increasingly hostile towards me. It was only with the advice of other teachers on how to deal with confrontational students that I was able to eventually control the situation. It is important that we share any strategies for classroom discipline that we have found particularly effective in order to help other teachers in a similar situation.

how to deal with confrontational student

Classroom discipline needs adjustment, cooperation and students must get involve in. Dealing with number of students is indeed different in dealing only with a son or a daughter. Just like what a mother does at home. therefore teacher have to adjust into situation that students must comply and obey. But rules must be cooperative and not easy to forget. In doing so students must be involved in creating and implementing rules inside and outside the classroom. they must develop self responsibility and of course freely to admit whatever its aftermath. and not with reporting to higher official nor subject to demanding a teacher..........
—Guest bismuth

ESP Teacher

I believe your Tips are great and more examples will be highly appreciated. Thanks
—Guest John

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