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Readers Respond: Should Schools Implement Year Round Education?

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Do you understand that if we do this that it would cost more money. What about the people who don't pay attention in class? Do you think "THEY" will finally listen to the teacher "that" long? This will just make your report card/ average worse. What about your after school activities? Such as, piano, baskeyball, and etc. Also not everything is about learning, people. We need to experience the world as well. Multi-tasking is awesome! NOT! What if a parent has more than one child? One child has to go to school at 7:00a.m. but theres another child that needs to go to school at 9:00a.m. But then the parents have jobs too, you know. How are the parents suppose to deal with this? Teachers say, "We don't have enough time to teach.' Do you know why? That's because you don't manage your time well enough! That's your fault. If a child is having difficulties with a subject bring them up to the class at lunch or give that child extra practice paper. Please give some thought about this. Thank you.
—Guest Stalker

no.(why should we?)

I don't think that year round schooling is good because if you get bored during the summer thats why we have X-box.
—Guest s.s. 6th

No. To much stress

I understand most of the points made by the "yes" people and the "no" people. I say no. I do because I'm still in high school and we are put under so much stress from homework, friends, school drama and things that go on in our daily life. Even at a younger age you are in a place of stress. Hoping you pass, hoping you can understand all the material, dealing with the drama that people start at school. It's not fun. I think that instead of, no offense, older people who are teachers, graduates or are just plain adults, the people who should answer the question on whether or not we should have year round school is us. The kids still in school. Summer is a time for us to bond with friends and family. A time to relax and forget about who cheated on who, who back stabbed you and why someone did something. We just let all the problems fade away so that when the next year starts back up we can theoretically have a clean plate. I don't wanna be under stress and I wouldn't want my kids either.
—Guest Guest 25


kids will not forget what they learned if we have no summer vacation so they will get a better education. more kids will participate in activities to waste bordem.
—Guest cameron

yes definetly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i absolutly think we should have year around school as a advantage not a punishment.It gives students an opportunity to enjopy education and remmeber the lessons the recently learn. i believe education is a blessing
—Guest zoraida


I wish I could go to year round school! Everbody i know forgets at least 75% of what they learned over the year. So to solve that issue just go for nine weeks and get like two weeks off so you get a brake and remember what you learned over the nine weeks. The only reason students look foward to summer is to get away from school. Everybody dreads school because you just go day after day till summer is up, but if you have the brakes in between then the students would come back to school ready to start again. Think to your self how long you enjoy summer vacation before you are bored and want to go back to school!
—Guest Pete


Whats the point? It didn't change anything for 10 months, so what makes them think 2 more months will help out?
—Guest untitled


I homeschool my daughter (age 7). We do school as it fits into our family schedule. We have 4 younger than her, so our needs change frequently. I have noted that when we have taken 2-3 week breaks with no schooling at all, she always comes back to the classroom seeming to have "absorbed" what was taught before. It appears as though her mind has had time to process the information, and we move right along, no tedious reviews are ever necessary. This has been particularly the case in her reading skills. She reads on a 4th grade level though she is in 1st grade.
—Guest Jill


I agree 100% !!! there are many benefits to it! ... such as : the students won't forget what they recently learned; families can travel/ have vacations through-out the year without missing any school!!!! i back it up completely!!! :) sincerely, 8th grade student who backs it 100% :)
—Guest Nicole

whats the point?

I'm going into high school next year and my class has been reasearching this subject for the past few days and from what I've found there's really no point. If there's going to be the same amount of days and studies havent found if year round schooling helps with grades there's no point into making school year round. I realize you might think I'm being biased because I'm only in grade 8 but I would like this idea more if there was more of a point. Besides students need the summer to bond with their parents and family.
—Guest 69


Seriously? School ALL YEAR? Are they crazy? Summer is america's trademark! It's a huge part of our culture! They can't just take that away from us! Every kid looks forward to summer. Every adult can't wait till it's over, so all the annoying kids will leave them alone! That's the way it is, and should always be
—Guest Kirisu Naiyu

Benefits of summer holidays

What about the positive effect of the summer holidays? Many high school students spend their summers interning or working in labs: they get to learn about the real-world applications of academic subjects like biology or politics. Other students get work experience in retail or grocery. Summer break is great for personal expansion, too - athletes have the opportunity to work out all day long and make vast improvements, while students involved in music or theater make similar gains due to more practice time.
—Guest Eva

This slue of comments...

uses masses of horrible logic. Admittedly I've only read the first page. There are just so many fallacies in every single comment. Most people here talk about their personal experiences as though it were some universal fact. Get a clue people... we need something that works for the majority, not just you and the people you know.
—Guest Nanaz

do not agree

Changes in the school calendar are touted as a solution to poor student achievement. Interestingly, in reading this, and other similar articles, there is no hard data that shows any improvement in scores with so called "year round" calendars. As many others have pointed out, the amount of time students spend in class remains the same so there isn't any benefit from additional work. Also , many studies have shown that "year round" schedules cost as much as 10% more. So to re-cap - no additional time in school, no significant impact on grades, and it potentially costs more. So why is this a good idea??
—Guest concerned citizen

year round school

If there is no definitive evidence that the year round schedue improves scores/grades, then what is the point? Simply to say that we need to do it this way because other countries do is ludicrous. When American business and Industry were at their peak, all of our citizens were educated on the "agrarian" calendar. I believe. that schools are being scapegoated and a decline in student achievement , if there really is one, related to much more than just the calendar.
—Guest mheck

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