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Readers Respond: Should Schools Implement Year Round Education?

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I was one of the "No year round"

But now I actually go to a university that has it.. and I absolutely love it.. it makes things go by soo much faster then high school.. only going for 2.5 months then going home for 2 weeks for spring and fall break and 3.5-4 weeks for summer and winter break.. the breaks are perfect.. just what I need when i feel like I am getting 'burnt out' on school.
—Guest Me

no way

I am a student in high school I'm going to college and I want a bright future and having school all year long would destroy that attitude. Kids in my school can just scrape by the year with summer without it many child care services would suffer, my parents would have to pay more taxes to keep the schools going, and i would go insane! Sure kids lose some of what they learned through the year in summer but i doubt they would even go to school with no summer. Kids need a long break and if you're unsure of this ask your kid.
—Guest anthony

Are you people crazy,or just dumb?

I have read every response in here. It amazes me how people talk about the pressures of school, and that is why there is a need for traditional summer breaks. Wouldn't the pressures be reduced if there were more breaks? Also, by the looks of the spelling on this thread, we REALLY NEED YRE! I know some of you are really young, but some of you are in HS and can barely spell! YRE is a great idea. The summer break in the YRE system is still really long, and it still gives kids a chance to be kids. I fully agree that kids need to be kids, but adults need to be adults, and give our kids the best, most well rounded education possible. The YRE system can also be very economically efficient. It can also give teachers an opportunity to make more money. I have heard some comments asking adults to remember when they were kids/teens. I do. I remember hating the month of August and the beginning of Sept.! It seemed like school couldn't start soon enough. And, I hated school!
—Guest The Future

No Way!

what kid likes to be in school? Uh no one. Kids should be able to have a long summer break to spend time with their friends and family. Summer is a time for them to get away from all the stress of school. Adults don't understand what kids in school actually go through. So year-round school is a huge NO!!!
—Guest guest 246

No school would help but make things bad

Things wouldn't help if school was longer. It would make it worse. The length of the regular school year is long enough AND stressful enough for students. If you were to increase school days/hours or get rid of summer then u would see an increase in student dropouts due to stress induced depression.
—Guest disagree

no school year round

I don't thing that there should be year round schooling because mostly in the summer student get time to hang out with there family and they would always be outside and doing something. Also kid use there summer to have some full time jobs so they can earn some money, and school would just make that harder. Like most kids they need to earn up there money if there parent make them buy there own stuff. Most kids get more exercise in the summer because they outside all most all the time either running, swimming, biking, and other things people would do outside. So even if they’re not at school learning they’re still keeping there selves physical. Also most people like me gain more weight during school because all you do is basically sit for about 7 hour and eat your lunch or snack. nothing physical there except for you 80 minutes of gym of p.e.
—Guest some person

This is what WE THINK!!!!

In response to the topic at hand, I do believe that year long schooling could be beneficial to students everywhere. Davidra, while doing her make-up, contested that "year long schooling is a joke!" Elijah says that in defense to the school board who decided to push this idea to become law. "Hey, they're just trying to look out for the kids."..this is Conway High Schools ideas on "Year Long Schooling" thank you for Reading...We out this thang!!!2011
—Guest TJ McFarlin, Davidra Bowser, Elijah Whit


I think, as an eighth grader myself that it would be the wrong decision mainly for the eradication of summer break and the possibility of getting a summer job. Also I do not think my school could afford it. Falcon Ridge Middle School, Apple Valley, MN
—Guest Guest 2294


My school district is having serious issues with laying off teachers, cutting middle school sports, and eliminating assistant teachers, while continuing to purchase new technologies. I think taht year round schooling would eliminate the 45 student per classroom situation, it would keep the school in use so that it is not a waste of space for three and a half months during summer vacation. I also think that it would be a great idea because it gives us a break. Personally, I always work harder right before a break. If I knew that every six weeks I had a three week break coming (this is how some year round schools function), I would always put my best foot forward. It is an overall great solution to a lot of the problems going on in my school district, and something that I have been looking forward to for years! I just hope that someone sees the benefits and puts it into action! Would fix so many problems!
—Guest Kellbell

Why not?

Of course there is resistance whenever a change from the status quo is suggested. Some of these posts are pretty charged. The point of education is not "to put kids in school" to punish them or something, it is to establish healthy and productive habits of being and thinking. If we believe in the mission of education, then one has to consider what might be gained by going to a more balanced schedule. I don't see how declaring June, July and August a "school free zone" encourages children to view education as an ongoing process of improvement. I might say a similar thing about their teachers...
—Guest High School Math Teacher

What is going on here?

My original response was going to be against having school for the whole year. The argument is always made that Japan and other countries have year long, and this must be what makes them so intelligent however this is not really the issue at all. The issue is that in Japan you are not guaranteed a college education. You have an entrance test you have to take to be admitted into college. Japanese students spend their whole lives studying for these tests to be admitted into college and that does not even guarantee them the finances to attend college or any scholarships. Japanese students are also taught harder subjects at younger educations. Remember doing word searches and mazes when you were in kindergarden? Japanese students are learning the fundaments of their language, basic principles of numbers, and culture. Full year round school makes it impossible for people like myself to attain summer jobs. I work 8-12 hour days so that I can mke it through the year I need those 10 weeks
—Guest A High School Student


Many people are saying that it is a bad thing, well I disagree. Year round school would be a fun thing. You would have the same amount of school days, just different vacations. No, you wouldn't have summer vacation as long, but its still a month long! So no, its not bad at all. I go to a public school which has the primary setting of 10 months, and I cant STAND it! We need year round, it would be really cool
—Guest Hayley

Yeah boyy!!

Yes! Just look at the pros and cons!! The is the same amount of school and it would be just all around better for the school tracher and studrnts!!!
—Guest Savannah


i think that year around would only benfit some not all students. Year round school gots it pros and cons. it seems dumb to me which is why i say its only for some. The 45-15 thing seems like trouble. Some students will be home alone because their parents are at work or busy.That could cause trouble because they could get bored and only some kids will stay with the sports. My cuz is in year around and has got into so many drugs during that 15 day break. Many it make some kids smart are to only have a 15 day break , but i think that its just the same has having a summer. Your forget the same amount of stuff as you would if you had a summer if you had the 15 day break. like i said before year round school is only for some people.
—Guest guest kk


First, year-round schooling does not mean going to school, "year-round". You are still going to school 180 days. Also, studies show that year-round schooling does not improve grades AND it costs more. Although the break plans of 1 week off every 2 months or so are appealing, it turns out that studies show that the frequent breaks disrupt the learning process. for going against year-round schooling, go to summermatters.com. For pro-year-round schooling, go to nayre.org.
—Guest wolf

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