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Readers Respond: Should Schools Implement Year Round Education?

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From the article: Year Round Education
Should school implement year round education? Do you think that year round education would have a positive effect, negative effect, or no real effect on student learning? Have you experienced year round education? If so, please share your experiences.

The Bigger Picture

Year Around School may work in some areas but our small college town is considering it now and it makes me sick to think about it. I'm a single parent I have twins that will be starting school in about a year. What do I do with my children when they are on break. We don't have enough daycares to accommodate the number of children in the community. We have 0 recreation center in our county and I can't take 3 weeks off every two months. Plus It will become an extra cost to find care throughout the school year. That is just one of so many issues. I work for parks and rec. How do we operate in the summer when we only have three to four weeks to work with. We would take a huge loss. Pools what would be the point to even spend the money to open the pools for that long. I think their is much more to think about when extending the school year. It's just not right for all communities.
—Guest willowT.

You have got to be joking.

YRE HAS been proven to have a substantial effect on kids' grades. I saw one guy say, "Do you hear about kids forgetting to add 1+1? No, because they learned it. When kids learn something, they do not forget". That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Kids don't forget what 1 + 1 is because it is LITERALLY THE MOST SIMPLE MATH EQUATION IN ALL OF ARITHMATIC! Kids forget stuff plenty - ESPECIALLY over summer break! YRE is ALSO proven to cause kids and teachers to feel more refreshed. The shorter, more frequent breaks also make it a lot easier to schedule vacations. Please, get YRE integrated into public and private school schedules.
—Guest one of the only sane people on this site


Year round schooling should not be in use because: 1) Kids need a summer break to relax, and go on vacations with FAMILY! the short vacations year round school offers does not allow long vacations to the beach, or time to relax...who can relax when they know that school is coming for them again so soon? Summer break is also a time to get ready for the next school year! 2)Schools have to be up during the summer which means the AC..more money taken for year round schooling...It may not seem like alot but over the years, it ADDS UP! 3) teachers like to have summer jobs or take/ spend time with children
—Guest yjk7500

Favoring year round schools

I think(my opinion) is that year round schools are a great idea!! With the multy-system my child recieves the individual attention he/she needs.
—Guest Guesty

My District is Considering It

I do not agree with their reasons for pushing for year round education. There is inconclusive data that it works. I believe the teachers/administration/school board are grasping at straws because they do not want to face the cold hard truth that the educational system (run by unions) is ineffective at its job. This move will cost more money to cool the schools down in the heat of the summer. It will cost the community in lost travel dollars. It will cost local camps in lower attendance at summer camps. I do not believe this will help bring grades up.
—Guest Deanne

I would love it

I think year round school is a good thing because we would not forget everything we learned the last time we were at school and if we were attending a 10 month school we would have to cram 1 years worth of learning into 10 months. I just don't like that. If you all saw the world in my way than you would agree.
—Guest guest 6th grader

For it!

I'm totally for it. Why not? We still have school and breaks the same amount of time as if we do with regular schedules! Except they are all spaced out and we don't have to wait for a break. We get one every month! How awesome is that?
—Guest Mandy

Texas Music Teacher

Yes, it's definitely time to finish up with the old and start with a fresh new beginning. There is too much time off in the summer and this has a negative effect that defeats the purpose of consistency. When working our body muscles, we must exercise on a regular consistent basis. The same goes for the human mind, we must keep the power of the mind "turned on," especially in our time and age when technology has taken the "front center stage" of our world. Yes, times have changed and there is unlimited access to the information that is out there, and it's all through the touch of a mouse. All year round school might take a couple of years to get used to, but I strongly believe it will serve our needs in "every" way possible. Let's give it a chance! Let's move in the right direction, forward.
—Guest Oscar Phillip Castro

Awsome article!

The article was well written and I have to say i do agree with you.
—Guest Muhammad


i dont think it would be right for kids to go year round because they would feel as if they had no time for them self. i feel as a senior the summer break gave me time to collect my self and make a hard choice as it was to be bored over the summer or go through and look for collage i have done a study on this and kids have stated as students that there would be more drop out and some stated that they would enjoy it. however with some parents they feels as if the school system is pushing to hard and can barley deal with the conflicts now. how many more conflicts do they feel there would be if you kept school year round. so i am strongly against this
—Guest b


its true that we should get a break from school every once and a while, but think about it. if people forget things during the break, this means that they never really learned it. so this means that they need to practice it more, or the teachers arent very good at teaching. also, there is nothing that the kids will really do during the break besides lie around and play video games. those of you who actually get up and exersize? good for you. i am on a swim team, and i exercize year round. you also have the fact that some parents cant take care of their children while their going around and having fun. if they can take care of them, ie, get child care or get them to go their friends or reletives for a while, then good for them. the fact remains. schools give WAY to much breaks to the kids. we already have weekends anyway! so why would you people complain? now look. im not saying that kids dont deserve a break. me being a student myself, i like a break every once and a while...
—Guest 7th grade


Let them breathe, relax, just be for a couple of months. The kids that want or need to work will not b given jobs due to no summer break. Teens need to learn how to get a job and how to work at job. Great life lesson!! Our very busy summer tourism business will hugely be affected!! What about summer camps for the kids??? My kids have never been to one, but they will have a problem keeping it running as well as, the kids get a lot out of those camps. At this time, I am very against it. Concerns me that our livelihood with tourism would greatly be affected. Just some quick thoughts, points, and concerns that came to mind.
—Guest val

Not year round

I did research. The time is the same for both schedules, just different time spacing. Get the whole truth people.
—Guest Logo


we shouldn't have school all year round. Its not right because we could get stress instead of having a break for at least a month. EVERYONE NEEDS A VACATION!!!!!! :(
—Guest Tiff


I am currently an 11th grader. I most certainly disagree with the Year Round Schooling. In my opionion it is going to cause more drop outs than normal. Yes we may still be going the same amount of days as we are now but it's going to make students not want to come back. Taking away vacations,family time, and the summer break is our stress free time. Without having that summer break there'd be more and more bad things happening in schools.
—Guest you

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