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Readers Respond: Icebreakers for Teachers

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From the article: Classroom Icebreakers
Icebreakers can be a great way to start the school year. As we all know, it can be difficult to get to know students and build relationships early in the year. Many teachers have developed effective icebreakers over the years. Share your great icebreakers here!

"Name Description"

I learned this when I studied my master's degree in SPED. My instructor instructed us to arrange our seats in a circle including herself. She had done this before the end of the semester, where one knew each other. Then she required us a whole sheet of paper and wrote our name at the left portion top of the paper. At the signal, the paper moved counter clockwise and there as we held the paper, we wrote positive descriptions of a person/ student who owned the paper. Then it moved again and again until it reached to the original owner. After that, each of us read each descriptiosn written by our classmates including the teacher herself. We enjoyed much and kept the paper for a remembrance of who we were and we are in the present. As I also used this ice breaker in my class, everyone loved it! They enjoyed and like me, kept the paper because it would help them realize who they are in other persons' eyes. Mentioning students strengths is motivating them to succeed silentl

"A Cold Wind Blows"

Have everyone get into a large circle. Then choose one student first and they go into the center of the circle. That student says "A cold wind blows on someone ..." and then they share something that they like. For example, "A cold wind blows on someone who likes the color blue". Then all the other children that like the color blue have to change spots with someone else who likes the color blue. Whoever is left without a spot is now in the center and starts with the phrase "A cold wind blows ...". This can be used for any age group. Preferably the older students since it might be harder to understand for younger students.
—Guest Sarah


This activity helps my Art I students relax & get to know each other, as well as, getting them to draw something. In my classroom I have large tables that seat 6 per table. I hand each student a small pad of 6 sheets of recycled paper. They are to write a noun (no proper nouns) on the 1st page and pass it clockwise to the person next to them. That person then reads the word and on the next page attempts to draw it, then passes it on to the next person, who looks at the picture and guesses what was drawn and writes that word on the next page. It continues until it gets back to the original person. Then we all laugh about how sometimes our interpretations of words and pictures are all different and there is not a right or wrong, necessarily. We are all wired differently....Usually, the first round is confusing, but after we play it one time, the students get the hang of it and want to play again. This also lets everyone get to no each other.
—Guest Joanna Mann

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