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Readers Respond: What can be cut from your district's budget and not impact student learning?

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Obviously, school districts are hurting across the nation. Cuts are being made that affect teachers and students. Some of these cuts include items such as decreasing the number school days, increasing class sizes, and closing older schools. However, as teachers many of us see waste around us that could help alleviate at least some of the budget problems. From your point of view as a teacher, what budget cuts could be made that would lessen the effect on student learning and educational quality.

what are we gunna do

kids future are important if kids want to be teacher when they grow up then there needs to be a decent pay check or what kids will want to be teachers??? it is getting to the point that all people think about is money and with things getting more expensive what people are going to want to be teachers if the paychecks are so low
—Guest jlove

Budgtet Savings

1. Cut the Federal DOE-for most of our history as Americans we did not need this expensive "big brother". 2. Remove Federal involvement in education. Education is a function of state and local governments. The father one gets from the source the more waste. 3. End Endless state testing-in Florida we are overrun! 4. Address only the most basic issues at the state level. Beyond outling the basics, let local school districts decide what classes to offer. This would allow parents more input. 4. Remove state paperwork requirements. You would not believe how much of "teaching" today is really providing data to show what was done. Are parents really unable to hold schools accountable? They seemed able in the past. 5. Demand that parents provide documentation paperwork to receive free lunch. Are you aware that schools are ordered to NOT check. I have seen free lunches go to the children of successful doctors! 6. With these cuts, fewer district level admin will be needed!

What to cut

Secondary education instructors must go. I belong to a department of 17 science teachers and we do everything ourselves. Very self sufficient and have no need for the district coordinator. Need to remove avid and teaching academy classes from campuses. Just review the curriculum and you will see how it can easily be incorporated into a core class.
—Guest KH

Ride on d_nas

d_nas has great ideas! in my county, we have 23 school districts for about 90,000 students with a couple thousand employees. Plus, the county office of education with its 500 employees. We have huge numbers of people in education who do not educate. School districts should merge to lower facilities costs, buy in bulk and reduce administrative costs. The taxpayers need to take a hard look at the total dollars spent on education and cut, cut, cut the administration costs to the bone. Our school system is not a jobs program. Teachers, maintenance, good principals, someone to answer the phones and someone to pay the bills. Everyone else is unnecessary overhead. Too many managers managing 10 people doing the job 1 person could do.
—Guest Woodrow

Too Many Administrators and Programs

In the State of Mississippi there are too many highly paid administrators. There are too many school districts in the state with several administrators for each district. But most importantly is the purchasing of "programs" instead of teacher created and planned instruction.
—Guest Bldavi1

Start Teaching Kids

As a building principal I am very aware of the waste that costs dollars as some tenured teachers abuse sick leave losing valuable instruction and costing the district sub pay. I see considerable savings IF many teachers would stay away from the copy machine and rely less on worksheets and rather turn their classrooms into engaging and appealing centers of active learing. Beginning class on time instead of spending 10 minutes in the hallway talking to the teacher next door. I know teaching is a tough profession but nobody has been forced to enter it - it was a choice - live up or get out - you're costing us $$$ I fully acknowledge that we have some very bad administrators - most of them were bad teachers that we moved into administration - shame on us!!
—Guest Skippy-doodah


Education is the basis for future growth, protection, and develpment of any nation.I do not understand why a school district should take HITS of cuts when we have legislators giving themselves raises, giving PORK money right and left, administrators giving themselves raises, and Americans agreeing to tax cuts when CUTS kill programs. Sorry, let's start at the top of the ladder and let the administrators truthfully look at their salaries and and take a cut off their huge check. OH my gosh, someone said have the kids walk to school??? Has this person not read of the numerous abductions while walking to or from school! A sad day for children to take cuts from technology, basic learning, sports, music, enrichment classes, and positive social interactions. Of course in other countries if you don't make a certain grade you go to work and not school????We are the land of the free and opportunity.
—Guest mellow43

Area Administrators and Block Schedules

Why have area administrators and area assistants? All they do is tattle and mismanage! Block Scheduling is for block heads! Students need to attend class daily and taught to listen and do the work that is requested! If the administrators and parents stopped coddling students, performance would be better! Teachers teach when they are listened to and respected; teachers do not need to befriend everyone!
—Guest Star

Day off/Less Resources

For middle school/high school, three day weekends and a "telecommute" day where classes are taught on-line. This means less commuting and maintenance costs.
—Guest Guest M

AP Programs being Cut

I got the word today that in order to keep staffing at the status quo, many of the AP programs outside of the mainstream will be cut. That means no AP Art History, no AP World History, no AP Studio Art, no AP Psychology, no AP Statistics. The issue is not one of student enrollment, it is one of favoring specific demographics over the others. So while we may have students who are retaking a basic entry level class in these disciplines for the second or third time, our students who excel and who desire to earn AP credit are denied the opportunity. This has to do as much with federal mandates as anything else. PreK vs AP. What message does this send?
—Guest Ellen K

Allow fewer options

As a math teacher I am asked to teach 5 different subjects. I would be more effective if I could teach one topic. This would eliminate a good deal of the extra paper work I generate writing and rewriting single plans. If I could plan in bulk, I could pay closer attention to each student and maybe we wouldn't have to spend so much time and money on resource officers, detention for lack of work.
—Guest Math teacher


Have administrators take an extra week of unpaid "furloughs," not teachers. To fill in on needed tasks, ask for volunteer help from the community.

Stop Overtesting

School districts can save millions by doing less state and district tests. Cut down on them, do only truly essential ones, or combine them so there's less.

Trim where needed

Most school districts can do some trimming at the district offices. We have individuals that are responsible for only one part of a curriculum. Change the number of extra days that all employees now have in their contract. The pre-school year professional development programs are usually a waste of time for many employees. Take care of the little things that add to a budget and you will be surprised at the amount of money that can be saved. Look at being creative in meeting the number of days/hours that must be met to be fully accredited by the state.


The fortune spent on large team sports, such as football--equipment, stadium rental, etc.
—Guest rudapt

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