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Readers Respond: Top Concerns of Math Teachers

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What are your top concerns as a math teacher? What troubles you? What is unique about your curriculum that you just wish teachers from other curriculum areas understood? Share your thoughts here.


In my sgturgle to stay awake I read thru Betsy s shared items. Lea, did you read the study on the value of kindergarten? It concluded that kindergarten teachers are worth $320,000 a year! There is proof of the disconnect in our culture
—Guest tBXxlvMtPJOV


Really the concern of maths teachers are still more. The attitude of the parents/guardians/wardens is critical. They spearhead blame game against the teacher for failure or undesirable outcome of mathematics.

Math is not just numbers

As a profession I find that we neglect the teaching of translation. There is a process to go through to get from a word problem to a collection of variables, equations and constants. Very often, we neglect to cover this key step. The result is students who are extremely adept with manipulating numbers or formulas but who are utterly unable to apply their skills outside the math classroom.
—Guest universityprof

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