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Readers Respond: Should Schools Require School Uniforms?

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School Uniforms

Our school has a uniform code -- must have belt with four allowable types of pants, shirt must have collar, no unbuttoning to show cleavage, no piercings except for ears, clean shaven, no gang signs. Pretty simple -- if teachers are on board. There is still enough leeway for individuality. It works great if the teachers will enforce it -- just takes a week and then no more trouble.
—Guest Puncher

NO for uniforms!

Schools should NOT require students to wear uniforms. With everyone wearing the same clothing, it highlights the other flaws of a person's physical build and can cause more bullying that way. Also dressing by choice is a milestone to responsibility. Letting kids wear what they want to school following the dress code learn how to take responsibility in themselves.
—Guest LAU

School uniforms!

I think school uniforms are a great idea, they stand out and you can tell if someone is apart of that school or not. It also saves a lot of time in the morning, trust me I am a student and we have to wear a shirt and tie every day! It means I get more sleep and I am less stressed out. On the other hand... some people don't like wearing uniform because it doesn't show any individuality, I think you could show it in other ways such as hair accessories, Jewelry, bags and many other ways. It actually does stop bullying to a certain level. Some people might be bullied because of the stuff they wear; in schools that wear uniform, it's not a problem. - Orla Mc, Scotland , 12 years old.
—Guest Orla

Inner Personality, more time, work place

Yes, I think schools should have uniforms so that kids judge other people and choose their friends based on their inner personality, not clothes or fashion trends. Plus, with uniforms, you don’t have to worry as much about kids violating the dress code.It’s a waste of time when teachers or principals have to go around disciplining the kids without school appropriate clothes. Besides, school is a work place, it should not somewhere where kids are trying to impress people by wearing inappropriate clothes.
—Guest Kathryn

I Think So!.

I think us children should have to wear school uniforms as part of being a student for our school. I think children would get bullied for not wearing the biggest brand by some of the richer kids. Therefore my honest opinion on school uniform is that we should!
—Guest Deanna

Uniforms Good and Bad

I wore uniforms (male suit and tie) all my private school undergrad years back in the 60's. The good - never having to worry about what you will wear and wasting time preparing a wardrobe. Also, economic status is deemphasized. The bad - didn't learn much about fashion to prepare me for the casual working world. I would do the uniforms again absolutely!
—Guest Taylor


I have been wearing them since I was a kid and I am sick of them. My uniform had cufflinks so I went to the uniform store and said can you make me one without the cufflinks and the were like no get a signed slip from your campus in-charge. As for the idea that kids will make fun of your dressing if you're poor and there isn't a uniform, well fine, uniforms can be kept for the primary (grade 1-5) students and the rest of us should be allowed to wear whatever we want to according to a dress code of course. I mean from Grade 6 kids should be mature enough that they won't make fun of others for being poor (Not talking about America). BTW I live in Pakistan.
—Guest the.architect

Uniforms make me hate school

My school is forcing us to buy bad quality, stupid looking uniforms for an insane price. 56$...JUST FOR THE PANTS and the shirt is around the same. And here's the best part, if we aren't wearing the uniform they deny us our education and make us sit in in school suspension all day. And the fact that the teachers and staff get to wear what ever the hell they want makes me so angry that I get headaches from thinking about it. Uniforms make me so depressed that everyday is a mental struggle.
—Guest Student

Uniforms Are Great

I am a former parochial school alumni and I hated those uniforms when I was a kid. The girls wore dullish plaid jumpers and white round collar blouses. I must say I miss them so much now. When I'm in doubt of what to wear, I sure wish I had that uniform back to save headaches and laundry. I agree it makes it all about learning and not about trends and sloppy clothes. I think the uniform should be as plain, unfashionable and dull as possible with no jewellery, makeup or wild hair allowed. I read somewhere on a school dress code handbook that uniforms are not meant to be stylish and I agree wholeheartedly with that. Also if a child wears a uniform, they feel as though they belong and are a part of something, a team. A lot of the girls I knew loved their uniform and would leave it on at home and for going shopping with their parents during the week. It really does save so much to be in a school uniform.
—Guest Diane1963

Nope (ಠ_ಠ)

Why the heck should we even wear those? They're crappy; schools try to force us wear those stupid uniforms. It's like your wearing embarrassing baby crappy clothing at public and people will laugh and make fun of you. I bet they're scratchy and REALLY uncomfortable when you wear them. I totally agree about other people thoughts about wearing uniform-free. It's 10000x better than wearing those crappy uniforms. I think we should wear our nice clothing!
—Guest (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ Y U NO GUEST?

Yes for Uniforms!

Some complain uniforms are too expensive. Priced an Aero or Hollister t-shirt or tank top lately? It's okay for girls to leave something to the imagination. We don't need to see boys' underwear. The way you present yourself is the way people will treat you. Respect yourself in your attire and the disrespect, or perception thereof, in schools will decline and have a positive effect on self-discipline. It's time legislators/school boards if not bullied parents make tough decisions to improve our students' and our nation's future outlook!

No more uniforms

Uniforms are just plain stupid: they are ugly and boring and kids don't like it. They want to be free: free to wear whatever they want. That's because people don't wanna look the same: they want to be individual (or however you spell that, I'm not English). Kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want.
—Guest -

Go School Uniforms!

I think schools should have school uniforms because: 1. Looks formal 2. Staff can identify intruders easily 3. Students pay attention to their work, not their clothes 4. Students learn to recognize each other by faces and names, not by clothes
—Guest Formal

NO to uniforms!

Uniforms are so bleurghhh! They are expensive and a hassle to get dressed into. They also do not let us express ourselves. They teach us that we are all special and all at school, but what is the point of that when our uniforms are SCREAMING at us the exact opposite?!?!
—Guest somebody...kool


I think that school uniforms are awful. I can give your 3 reasons WHY. They don't express anyone! They are just plain gross in general, they just want you to buy clothes that are really unnecessary. Are Principal wants us to have them. They are so expensive they make me cry. My family is that poor but having those meant another expense. Ugh, that is so stupid! I think so uniforms should be Banned!
—Guest BanUniforms

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