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Readers Respond: Should Schools Require School Uniforms?

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What is your opinion about school uniforms? Should schools require uniforms? Do you believe they help maintain classroom discipline? Do they have an effect on school violence? Share your thoughts.

Yes for Uniforms!

Some complain uniforms are too expensive. Priced an Aero or Hollister t-shirt or tank top lately? It's okay for girls to leave something to the imagination. We don't need to see boys' underwear. The way you present yourself is the way people will treat you. Respect yourself in your attire and the disrespect, or perception thereof, in schools will decline and have a positive effect on self-discipline. It's time legislators/school boards if not bullied parents make tough decisions to improve our students' and our nation's future outlook!

No more uniforms

Uniforms are just plain stupid: they are ugly and boring and kids don't like it. They want to be free: free to wear whatever they want. That's because people don't wanna look the same: they want to be individual (or however you spell that, I'm not English). Kids should be allowed to wear whatever they want.
—Guest -

Go School Uniforms!

I think schools should have school uniforms because: 1. Looks formal 2. Staff can identify intruders easily 3. Students pay attention to their work, not their clothes 4. Students learn to recognize each other by faces and names, not by clothes
—Guest Formal

NO to uniforms!

Uniforms are so bleurghhh! They are expensive and a hassle to get dressed into. They also do not let us express ourselves. They teach us that we are all special and all at school, but what is the point of that when our uniforms are SCREAMING at us the exact opposite?!?!
—Guest somebody...kool


I think that school uniforms are awful. I can give your 3 reasons WHY. They don't express anyone! They are just plain gross in general, they just want you to buy clothes that are really unnecessary. Are Principal wants us to have them. They are so expensive they make me cry. My family is that poor but having those meant another expense. Ugh, that is so stupid! I think so uniforms should be Banned!
—Guest BanUniforms

Being a 11 year old...NO!

I know that people in my school like to express their thoughts in clothing. Goth people express their feeling through clothing and it ruins our creativity!! I'm glad i found this I'm doing a research paper about this topic right now(:
—Guest Carlie

why oh why

No, schools only use uniforms to try to get rid of bullying, buts it's not what you wear that bullies target, it's who you are. I went to a school with uniforms and there are still girls dressing like hookers and guys with there pants sagging. Don't get me wrong, I hated wearing a uniform. It sucks and I hate the fact that I got sent too iss because my bracelet said something the teacher didn't agree with. The constitution says you have a freedom of speech that you have freedom to be yourself. No matter who that may be, we have a freedom to dress however we want, and i know I've gone a little bit overboard with his "speech" but its what I believe in.
—Guest morgan springer


I think school uniforms should be banned from every school in the world! Reasons why? - They don't save money, because of the daily washing! - They won't stop kids from bullying each other! - They are boring and ugly! - There's no way for kids to show expression and individuality! - They don't spend time in the morning, because kids now want to spend more time on their hair! And probably many other reasons!!
—Guest Someone

uniforms are not cool

People should be free. People should be able to express their style and creative uniforms don't let us do that. They are expensive. The whole point is schools should not have uniforms because they are not cool.
—Guest tiffy

what the heck

I say no kids should not have to wear uniforms especially if the teachers and principals don't have to either. Also it doesn't help the grades our children get. It doesn't affect there learning so why do it if there is no point to it.
—Guest rolanda


I think schools should wear uniform for safety. Also so parents will save more money.
—Guest Elizabeth

no way

I don't think we should have uniforms because it stops a kid from expressing themselves in an appropriate way. If they can't express themselves in an appropriate way they will end up expressing themselves in the most horrible ways imaginable.
—Guest bobby boy


We should have uniforms because it would take away the violence of gang related colors.
—Guest :)

only one reason

I see that those who oppose having uniform in our schools only seem to have one argument: "the child dosen't get to express themselves." I don't believe school is really a place for expression through clothing, maybe your writing or artwork. We say school is to prepare our children for the future, well what good does it bring upon them if when they get out to the work force and they come to the realization that every job has a dress code. Restaurants, some casual with a logo t-shirt and jeans to colored white shirts and black slacks, cops, mailmen, firemen, doctors all have specific uniforms for their occupation. You really think that doctor is worried about the fact that he/she isn't expressing his/herself through their clothing? No! He/she is focused on his/her job and for a child in the grades K-12 i believe their occupation at the time is school and they should be focused on learning, not focused on how they can and cant express themselves through clothing as proven that gets you nowhere.
—Guest hale


Not sure where you guys are getting your price info... My son wears uniforms and we spend, at most, $150 per year including his shoes. The uniforms are made to hold up to daily wear and washing. We are able to wear the same uniforms for multiple years and the schools do used uniforms sales twice a year and we basically trade uniforms for different sizes at no cost... I personally love uniforms and think the kids look great. They do not all look the same. Because you are not paying attention to their clothing, you can truly see each child's true individual features and personalities. Clothing should not define who we are...
—Guest KNT

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