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Readers Respond: Should Schools Require School Uniforms?

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What is your opinion about school uniforms? Should schools require uniforms? Do you believe they help maintain classroom discipline? Do they have an effect on school violence? Share your thoughts.

yes but make them cuter!

I think that uniforms are good in schools because it reduces the amount of time spent choosing clothing and minimizes the gap between wealthy and poor... but as far as the designs go, i think that most school uniforms are butt-ugly and the design should be changed! I'd be completely pro-uniform if they could look as cute as our Asian counterparts and those adorable serafuku (sailor suits)! Why not have the best of both worlds? maximizing the point of having uniforms as well as making it appealing to those that need to wear it.
—Guest MiO

School uniform

People who moan about having to wear School uniform, saying 'Oh, how's wearing uniform going to effect our education' and stuff like that. We wear uniform because some familys are richer than others, If we wear our own clothes It's a risk of bullying- Comments like 'Ooh why are you wearing trackies or such or such a brand' People get called for being different. So there is no need to moan about uniform, There is a reason you know.
—Guest -Liam

Dont Care

Personally school uniforms have their ups and downs but if you are that person who is more into why they are at school rather than why they should be home than you find no difference in the clothes you wear. YES, it does REDUCE bullying but it'll never stop it. And NO, it doesnt save money. It's a choice to buy designer clothes but uniforms cost just as much as your normal everyday street/play clothes that youll go out and wear. I'm not giving 2 cents about anyone else's opinion of them, so like I said it just depends on the type of person you are and how you are raised.
—Guest Time2Smile

i could care less...

Uniforms can be a good thing and a bad thing, it all depends on how you were your clothes, and how much you care about style. If you care about the way you dress when your in public, then you might not want school uniforms. If you are like me and don't care about what you look like in public, then you might be fine wearing school uniforms. It might be cheaper just to wear school uniforms, but some people still like there accessories. A good way to solve this conflict is to wear school uniforms but at the cost of wearing it how ever you want...
—Guest eriyonna

I need them in my school

I need them in my school because there is so much bullying, and it saves so much time in the morning to shower and stuff like that. And also it helps so that we don't have to get picked on for our clothes!


We need them really bad they will cut bullying down on cloths and style make a law do something just bring forth school uniforms!

We need them

School uniforms are needed the will cut down bullying on the clothes and style. Make a law, do something.
—Guest Michelle

I love uniforms

I love uniforms I don't have them now but I think it cuts down the amount of bullying on what you are wearing. Yes people will still bullying but not as much if you have school uniforms
—Guest Peaches

School uniforms are good!!!!!

I really want uniforms because it helps you get more sleep and helps your grades cause then during tests or homework you're not worrying about what other people think and no one has creativity, no one shows it so stop using it as an excuse. You can tell that if someone is from another school and if you have noticed at all girls do most of the bullying and its all about clothes. Uniforms are good because no one can make fun of you for clothes, improves school safety and grades people have and it stops inappropriate behavior.
—Guest Laura

Are Uniforms Really So Great?

I am in a junior high school in California with a very strict, almost uniform-like dress-code. We can wear neutral colors and blue, yellow, and green. No patterns, logos, or even a shirt with lace on it. I do not feel like this helps with bullying at all. If someone is bullied it is not for their clothing, it is usually for something about themselves that they cannot change. I also don't think that it saves time in the morning. If anything I am more stressed out over how unflattering the clothing I am forced to wear is. The idea that uniforms inspire school pride is also ridiculous. If anything, dressing in the same clothing every day makes me hate my school even more than if I could wear what I want. Uniforms are not the answer to problems at schools.
—Guest Brianna

ups and downs

School uniforms are good and bad i think it would be a good idea because people can't make fun of you for what you are wearing, and it'd take a lot less time. Then again, if you want to go to school for fashion, it might be a problem considering you're stuck in the same clothes every day. It gets kind of old.
—Guest kayeleena

uniforms rule!

I know our school doesn't have a school uniform policy but it should. You're not going to school to express yourselves or show off too much, you're there to LEARN! At my school girls show way to much skin and boys wear their pants past their knees. That's why we should all wear uniforms. It's clear to see that you can sleep in, in the morning because of you're uniform. You won't get bullied because everyone is even, nothing to make fun of. and of course you can express yourself with things in your hair or a pretty necklace or bracelet. You could wear a pin on the front of your shirt with your school's logo. I guess kids are ashamed to wear uniforms. they think there stupid and dumb but did you know that there are a lot more reasons FOR wearing uniforms, than NOT?
—Guest harmony88


I think school uniforms are stupid,dumb and boring. You can't express your personality and show who you are though uniforms.. You all would look the same and it would suck and be dull.
—Guest Guest girl


I think school uniforms are dumb and stupid. I'm certainly glad my school doesn't have them otherwise it would give me another reason to hate school! Kids like me should be able to be free and be able to wear whatever they want within reason.
—Guest j31e16k29


I think kids should be able to express themselves freely, and if you take away their choice of clothing, you aren't helping them accept and express who they really are. God made us different for a reason, so do us kids a favor and let us dress how we want to, please.
—Guest sarah

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