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Readers Respond: What You Wish You'd Known Your First Year Teaching

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Every new teacher has a learning curve that includes triumphs and challenges. Upon reflection, all of us have something that they wish they'd known during that first year. For example, I wish I would have known how to create a good substitute folder and emergency lesson plans so that would not have stress when I was sick.

Bad first year

It will get better trust me! You will always have those years. Remember, there is.a reason you chose to do this. The good.days.you will have makes.up for all the bad days:D
—Guest Aimes

Get a Mentor

One of the first things I should have done was get a mentor - someone who would show me around and give me the inside scoop on how the school worked. I had to learn everything through trial and error, and often times with embarrassing results. Most teachers will be more than happy to be your mentor. You just have to ask. Sam http://www.SuccessInTheClassroom.com

Proper Etiquette in Teaching

As I ponder today and remember the events in the past in my first year of teaching, I smile secretly and make a long breath telling myself, " if only it happens today, it won't really be a misfortune" My first year of teaching was full of lessons making me the best teacher in my struggle in teaching profession. I encountered many undesirable happenings making me a laughing stuff among my co teachers and students. However, the more I stumble , they more lessons to perfection I gained along the way. Here are some of my unintentional errors.I yelled outside my room while the subject teacher had a class, instructing late students to get out, cut the worn pants wore by student instead of wearing proper uniform, forgot I brought home the key of the handcuff while student was handcuff during the intramural game of blind date. Student cried much with handcuffs. I left the cassette tape for the cheering squad in the room while the show began. Audience waited much. With all my faults I am sorry.

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