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Readers Respond: Why Did You Become a Teacher?

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There are many reasons why individuals become teachers. I've come up with ten reasons why I think many people decide to teach. However, now it's your turn to share exactly why you decided to join such a wonderful profession.

learnt to love my proffession

well I am from commerce background and wanted to pursue MBA but suddenly I guess life had different plans for me and I ended up being a teacher. But now that I have become a teacher it feels great. teaching kids and dealing with them feels good as in no other job I can deal with anyone so innocent as them. what makes me feel better is that they trust me rely on my education. i feel great about the fact that I am playing a biggest role to build their future and it enrich me with the sense of responsibility. so all in all i can say that it's all about learning to accept. no work can give you pleasure if you don't learn to love it.
—Guest poulami

Inspiration Changes but Remains Constant

I loved doing physical activity, but had not really wrapped myself around teaching. I didn't like being in front of people, a little self conscious. I wanted to coach sports, which is really just wanting to teach people who want to learn. As I continued in teaching, I wanted to teach the kids who weren't as physically inclined to enjoy physical activity. My focus changed to inspire and encourage all students, not just athletes. Teaching middle school certainly had its ups and downs, struggles and highlights. And, now teaching college may be a different arena, but it still comes down to inspiring students to achieve their best. I love giving tools to students so that they can be their best, do their best. And, in turn, many times I am learning something from them. I realize I am not the only teacher. Every student becomes a teacher, teaching me, their friends, family, and in the end, we become better people. I am thankful for those who have inspired me to be better.
—Guest Laura

Teaching Completes Me...

I have always wanted to impact lives and improve the quality of education; considering the fall out in my country's educational system. My mother has being a great inspiration. I love the way students regard her despite decades of passing through her tutelage. She was passionate about what she did. My high school English teacher motivated me with his unique teaching style. I love children and gearing their developmental stages positively. I believe it is earnestly imperative to groom conscientious, focused, purposeful students who will combine efforts with already laid brass tracks to build a great world. I want to be known to teach my students beyond their books. Though I never studied Education (I studied Psychology and did a PostGraduate Degree in Developmental and Child Psychology from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria), I just know my purpose in life would not be complete without letting students learn through me...a teacher without borders!!

why i became a nursery teacher

I became a teacher because I love kids. Teacher own a special place in each students life. what we say,what we do,and how we do it stays with students in their heart and we are always part of their life.Teaching truly generates a good future.my students are my friends and each kid can become a topper with a little effort by their teacher its my opinion and experience also. I love to be a teacher.
—Guest sunayana

I became a teacher, but...

I'm not sure why I chose this career. I love art and I've always dreamed of becoming something else, an animator. But I ended up studying this. I don't regret what I've learned from my job, but I don't see myself spending the rest of my life as a teacher. You may call me egoistic, but I don't care about sharing knowledge, plus I can't stand student's disrespect towards the teacher figure that is increasingly common in today's school. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here... And I hope I'm not the only teacher feeling this way.
—Guest Vianne

always wanted to be a teacher

Since I was a young girl growing up I wanted to become a teacher. I always admired the way that my teachers dressed and spoke, and I wanted to be like them. I am currently a relief teacher, not yet gone to teachers college, but will go soon. I would like to be teaching for a very long while......in secondary school, business teacher.
—Guest Niki

my hobby

I chose to become a teacher I always love standing in front of my peers and expressing myself, so this become to be a hobby to me. Seeing myself making a positive impact in my community was all I wanted. Indeed, I love working with kids sharing the knowledge that will make the difference in my society was all I was concerned about...
—Guest LiL Ray

Why be a Teacher?

I went into teaching to impart knowledge, but it seems that the school system doesn't value those like me. I've had my degree over 12 years with no teaching job. So I don't recommend the profession to anyone I care about.
—Guest Deb

a wonderful friend

i love teaching the most because i love kids,no matter how they are i treat all of them as a friend and we are all one family
—Guest jameela

It's a gift

Teaching is a gift,it gives me the opportunity to impart positively on people and you are remembered for it.
—Guest Eloho Ilega

Irony of Irwin.

I became a teacher because I wanted to learn more.
—Guest Irwin

Good Teaccher

Personally I feel that teachers job is not to teach but to make student learn....I became teacher because I wanted to become role model to my student and inspire each individual how to face challenges n make differences in their performance....I wanted to make them realise that each individual are special and posses varieties of talent.....
—Guest Nar Maya Chhetri

Good Teaccher

Personally i feel that teachers jop is not to teach but to make student learn....i beame teacher because i wanted to become role modle to ma student and inspire each individual how to face challenges n make differences in their performance....i wanted to make them realise that each individual are special and posses varities of talent.....
—Guest Nar Maya Chhetri

Why I want to be a teacher.

The fact that I could possibly impact a young persons life is exciting to me. I don't want letter grades to be as important as growing characteristics in a student. I hope to touch every student in such a way that my teachers did. I want them to grow into a respectful member of society and not let any obstacles get in their way. I want them to think back at school and remember me, not as someone who taught them something from a book, but a little about life. I want to make a change in the youth of our nation, make the world a little better place. Also I would love to coach, so this is the best way to do so. I'm not in it for summer vacation, I'm in it for the possibility to change someone's life for the better.
—Guest Jordan

10 reasons to become a teacher

I would like to teach in order to give back to the community and help students to be able to reach their dreams and their full potential.
—Guest Rodneyrown

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