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Readers Respond: Why Did You Become a Teacher?

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There are many reasons why individuals become teachers. I've come up with ten reasons why I think many people decide to teach. However, now it's your turn to share exactly why you decided to join such a wonderful profession.


I became a teacher because I found that I loved the interaction and seeing kids grow as future adults. I have a son with a disability and helping him overcome his language issues and learn in school taught me that I have a calling. Unfortunately, I have been laid off due to budget cuts and cannot find a teaching position. I can at least say that I got to do my dream job for six years. I just don't know what I will do now.
—Guest Dawn

Building futures

I actually became a teacher because of my love for people. I love to help people discover and build themselves. I love being part of people's life. Teaching to me is fun... I love being a teacher.
—Guest Kayode Babatunde

I am not finished learning

One of my most admired and respected educators who I still find as one of the more influential thinkers in my profession once said in a lecture, "The reason I teach is because I am not finished learning" I found this as a very powerful statement as I have from very early in my academic career have been interested in teaching but not before my interest in learning. Teaching allows me to further expand my knowledge in subjects that I've already spent a great deal of time learning and as a teacher I get to revisit this subject matter and draw up new alternatives based off of new discovery. I feel that advancement is only achieved in a collaborate setting.

Dont you dare.

We live in a time where problems are great, sooo great that personal achievement nothing more than a casualty of war. How many students i have not only seen but have also become, who have accepted the heartbreaking actualization that nothing more than "this" can be achieved. Ive often fantasized about what i would do for the world and the people around me who suffer more than i do, even though i do aswell. The bottom line is dont get into teaching for the money, or the security.. as a teacher you are a Minister of Providence in the lives of the individuals (whether they are children, troubled teens, or discarded adults). When you allow yourself to think about teaching, if it doesnt hit you emotionally on a level which makes you feel elated, and embarrassed to be seen that it affects you so much.. than you have a very different calling. Teaching is sacrifice. Instructing means to surrender.. Modeling, is to fortify and reinforce.. In a time where corporations are burning out engineers
—Guest Dont let me down.

Why I became a teacher

I love learning and wanted to be able to share that love and develop it in others for a life time. I was also bored in my repetitive office job and wanted a job that was challenging and varied.
—Guest Kathryn


I don't know exactly what started me to actually give teaching a chance because many things in my life's course threw me every which way but in the direction I thought I should be going. I can only say it was always who I am but never let the teacher in me out till there was no other avenues. I didn't choose it for money" that is for sure", and I didn't choose because I wasn't or couldn't make money. I chose it because it's me" what I am" my beliefs, and values in life. If anything, it was a huge scarific because most people choose to chance the almighty dollar" I enjoy the freedom money buy you but I don't like the compromises in my beliefs and values" not saying I am a saint or morally living life to some standard of that " I enjoy off beat life styles to some extent" but what I am saying is there is nothing closer, purer, or my rewarding to me than being a teacher, teaching, and helping others learn-achieve in life. It is like my passion and I don't exactly know why.


The chance came and l decided to give it g try and l have never regretted...l never knew am should l say (bourne teacher) or teacher by nature...l just like the experience and am so happy and proud of it ..its great to be a teacher....


The chance came and l decided to give it g try and l have never regretted...l never knew am should l say (bourne teacher) or teacher by nature...l just like the experience and am so happy and proud of it ..its great to be a teacher....

Share your reasons

Basically , it's for earning a living .This was my very first reason, but as time passed by ,something happened along the way. I started to love what I'm doing in spite of some problems encountered with parents. Living as a "teacher" gave me a sense of pride and unfolded a new series of my existence. Thus, proving that "Learning doesn't stop " it is a continuous process. Wherever we are ,whatever we do, still we keep on learning.....
—Guest Erma


I'm a business grad but something in my heart felt that unhappy about it. Until I shifted a line to become a teacher.? I never think of it in my university days but as work goes on someone has told me why not to teach & help parents to nurture their young children as she can see my passion. Then I said sure I want to try out. Now, I'm in this line & happy to be belong here. It's a challenge everyday as the children changes moods everyday. I'm thankful to have this feeling of fulfillment in my life. Passion drives us to impossibility.
—Guest mhai

Why Teach?

I did not become a teacher by accident. I was hooked to it for 35 years when I was often evaluated by my students as the "best teacher" they ever had.There's that feeling of being desperately needed when students learn from you: they make your day. When you are passionate and compassionate, you can make a difference, big or small, in the lives of others, especially in poor communities with diverse cultures. I counted myself as a physician of heartbroken students who did not know where they were gpoing, providing them with a sense of direction in their hitherto lost lives. Children spend more time in the classroom than in their homes: in the classroom a teacher is there in loco parentis, or in place of the parents. Think how wonderful it is to be a mother or a father to children who are not yours. you can b
—Guest socorrolawas

Satisfied teacher

I knew I was going to be a teacher at age 8 when I gathered together kids at the apartment block where I lived with my family everyday after school. I liked teaching those younger than me what I had done in school. Correcting their mistakes was fun as I even made them call me 'Miss'. Now looking back after 26 years in the 'Noblest of Professions', I can say that I'm most fulfilled as I see those shy, little boys and girls who clutched fearfully the hands of their parents as they were brought into high school for the fisrt time now grown young men and women, radiating confidence and self-worth in their different careers. Their smiles whenever we run into one another tell me it was well worth the effort!
—Guest julie amadi

Dumbed Down Education? Wow!

I am shocked at what I am reading! This definitely gives me the courage, strength and the will to teach. I can see why our kids are rebelling against the education system and the parents that have bore them! Children need as much encouragement and positive reinforcement as possible. No matter how many tough times we come across with the kids - we must not give up! I hope that new teachers understand as well as commit to being a positive reinforcement to our students with their ATTITUDE about teaching!
—Guest tasya nituna

Teacher Librarian

My love of school must have been planted at birth. When I was 4, I snuck out of the house and went to kindergarten at the school across the street. I must have been the only kid there without their mother. It didn't take long for the school to figure out that I wasn't enrolled. I would have to wait another year to go to school. In grade 1, I idolized my teacher. I stayed after school every day cleaning the boards. I took home all the extra purple dittos from the classroom and played school with my imaginary students. I'd mix up my friends' names and complete the worksheets making mistakes so that when I marked them, I could put checkmarks and X's with my red pen. Eventally I acquired a chalkboard, a desk and a little filing system to record marks. It would be the beginning of a life-long commitment to teaching and learning! I officially became a teacher at 22 years of age; some students were only 4 years younger than me! I've now taught 1000's of kids & still love this professio
—Guest Elaine

I love learning

when I was in the 7th grade I had a teacher give the assignment. It was to research what we thought we would like to be once we were done with our formal education. I went home and thought, "I would like to do something I enjoy. I love to sing, to dance, to write, and to draw, but none of those suggested a career. Then I realized what I loved most and that was learning. Also what made learning most rewarding was sharing it with others like when I taught my cousins to read at the age of 5 the way my mom had with me." That in my mind was being a teacher so everything I did from that point on was with that goal in life. Now as a grandmother I find I can help my daughter with her little ones as well as the students I tutor. It has been the best thing in the world for me. Not the easiest, but definitely the best.
—Guest DCC

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