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Readers Respond: Your Best Teaching Experience

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From the article: My Best Teaching Experience
Teaching can sometimes seem like a thankless career. However, every once in awhile something will happen in a class or with a particular student that helps you remember why you began teaching in the first place. What teaching experience has inspired you? Share your experience so that others too might be inspired.


Teaching in a Malaysian classroom setting requires you to normally address students of different community and mother tongue. So, being a secondary school English teacher to a classroom full of Chinese, Muslim, Indian & Siamese students allows me ample room for reflection. Most of the days I start my pre-teaching by asking them to translate objects or action from the national language to English and I must say that this really gets them involved. Pretty ironically, the ones who can answer are the most challenging students. I reward them a sticker for outsanding performance in class and this boost their self esteem and keep them attentive for the rest of the class!

Teaching is a golden profession

Certainly, teaching is a golden profession mainly because it creates and shapes life-i.e.,human mind which is very complex and unpredictable. It is through teaching that deformed behaviors will be reshaped,wild human behaviors will be domesticated,and others. Therefore,anyone who dislikes teaching is the one who missed one of the most important part of his/her brain. Since teaching liberates humans from their barbaric nature to rationalistic behaviors, I would, repeatedly, say teaching has a top place above all other professions.
—Guest Fentahun Mengistu

Hard to tell Many of them!!

My uncle was in the Army during Desert Storm operations in Iraq (early 90s). I was in first grade at the time. I have always liked to write, and I thought (still think) of him as awesome, so I would write to him a lot while he was over there. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Fikes, assigned my whole class to write him letters. When he came home, we threw him a welcome home party in our classroom, complete with strawberry cupcakes. He told us he wanted strawberry cupcakes because they were his favorite, but he really asked for them because they were my favorite (I was too dense to realize this cupcake sacrifice until I got a bit older). He told my class about himself and all his favorite stuff (except the cupcake part) during the party, and I was on cloud nine having him at school with me that day. When I saw my uncle a couple years ago, and he mentioned Mrs. Fikes to me. 20+ years later, he still remembers her name. The best part of this story is that if memory serves, I was sporting a

Teaching is Rewarding!

As a higher education teacher in an African Polytechnic, I sometimes get students who I can motivate by giving extra lessons to improve on their performance and this has brought about a change in their attitude and improved their performance. This is very rewarding to me.

Making a differance

Touching lives and making a differance to this so called ever changing society, as a young teacher i am a mentor,young people look out to me. it is high time that south african teachers work up from sleeping zone and start making a change out there. lead south african teachers lead!
—Guest Mandla Mango

Teaching is an art.

I teach for six years; I still learn how to be an effective teacher. However, I have a teacher ,who taught me in the secondary school, has been a great help for me. He taught me that successful warming up makes successful lesson besides treating and educating students with love. He used to tell me: " Don't teach them but play with them". He also used to say: " put yourself in the students shoes". I can't feel no more happy when I feel or touch the improvements in the students' level and scores.

my best teaching experiance

Am u student teacher at tshwane university of technology. i was a litle bit afraid when we were told that we going to do practicals for a month,when i got there the senior teacher introduced me to the learner,some learners were so suprised to see a young teacher i gues.then i had to teach the learners they were so quiet and i started teaching them it felt so good, they were listening to every word i say.those learners made me to stop questioning teaching as a career.
—Guest Mandla Mango

Yess....teachers can do wonders

I am Primary school teacher in Pakistan and couldn't stop myself to post the comment. it really works and i believe teachers are to make not to break the personalities. hats off to great teachers.
—Guest tahira

Yess....teachers can do wonders

I am Primary school teacher in Pakistan and couldn't stop myself to post the comment. it really works and i believe teachers are to make not to break the personalities. hats off to great teachers.
—Guest tahira

My best teaching experience

It occurred during my professional teacher training, year at a school we visited and I was one of the teachers for that day. I was teaching a group of girls at an all girls school (they were not my normal teaching type both academically and otherwise). But I went into that room with such confidence inteaching these bright eyed young ladies into a topic they had never before done 'assonance'. I kept them on target and they were focused and learning took place, as evident from their group work reports that were written on the board. So good was the class that my supervisor had very little negative remarks make at the end. I guess I just felt extremely proud that I had challenged myself and I met with the expectations of the students most importantly.
—Guest Ann

My Moment With LD students

I am a second year high school teacher teaching a self-contained LD learners. Being a teacher graduated my masteral degree in Special Education ( SPED ) here in the Philippines, I lobbied to my school principal that we should address LD at GCCNHS. I convinced her fortunately. In my adviser class, the LD self-contained classroom, I made a great adjustment since last year I was assigned in a gifted children advisory. The change is so drastic that the expectation for the day is not attained. Students could not understand one instruction at a time. They need specific instruction for a certain work and assignment. Last time when I told my gifted students to number their paper from 1 to 50, I never wrote numbers on board. Today I have to write patiently for them. Its so difficult at first but now, I enjoy teaching them. They are innocent of some knowledge, concepts and ideas. Yet they are all affectionate, thoughtful and never think negative in people. They are lovable.


i believe that teaching not only impacts society it creates it!
—Guest kelsea

It's rewarding when you can make a diffe

It's rewarding when you can make a difference.congratulations! But..how much are teachers responsible for the students motivation?
—Guest Robert Rust


I am also a teacher of grade III. We are also experiencing with this type of behavior with one of the student in our school. But what the teachers are doing is change his section. His parents were also concerned but unable to do anything. Now they planned to change his school. But I think this is not the solution. We tried many strategies but nothing works. Your experience inspires me alot and now I'll share this experience with my collegues. Thanks
—Guest Saima Waheed

Thank you

I am 15 and in high school. I'm not a teacher yet, but I have wanted to be since I was in Kindergarden. This story just inspired me even more to become a teacher. Everyone always says "Why would you want to be a TEACHER?!" And I don't always have an answer. But now I know for sure that teaching is my calling. When my friends need help with math or english, I tutor them and they always say "You should be a teacher!" If I could help just one chid like you did, I feel like my life would be complete. So thank you for giving my self-esteem a boost and making me see exactly how much of an influence teachers have on students all over!
—Guest Ms. Ebel

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