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Readers Respond: Organization Best Practices

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From the article: Teacher Housekeeping Tasks
Getting organized can be quite a task for new and even veteran teachers. Housekeeping and record keeping tasks are extremely important parts of teaching. In fact, they are one of the six tasks that teachers are required to master to be effective. Here I'd like everyone to share their best organization tips and ideas to create a shared best practices list. Thanks for submitting your best practices for teacher organization.

Classroom Management is One!

The best teacher is a good manager too. She plans, directs, decides, thinks and even serves her subordinates in the organization. The best teacher knows how to manage her classroom with her direct and indirect stakeholders. She should consider the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. She should see to it that everything goes on smoothly at the beginning and even at the end of the class. It is in the effectiveness of the teacher's managerial skills that makes her classroom an environment of conducive learning. A well-organized and managed-classroom results to a peaceful classroom environment. Students there know their rules, expectations, duties, responsibilities, goals for the day, weeks, months and even a year. They are well informed of their tasks that smooth flow of the day will result to a worthwhile achievement. Indeed, classroom management is a skill needed by the teacher in her teaching profession. It is the key to a successful teaching !

Best Practices

If you assign it, you must grade it! Think about that when assigning difficult, complex assignments.

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