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Readers Respond: What Do You Think is the Worst Things That a Teacher Can Do?

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10 worst things a teacher can do

You forgot one, using the words "I don't care". It does not matter about the scenario, these three words can destroy relationships, trust etc.
—Guest Danny Van Vliet

She has committed all 10!

Amazingly enough my son's 4th grade teacher is guilty of all these things! She is the worst teacher my husband or I have ever encountered. We have complained to the principal about her, but he protects her. We have complained to the superintendent, and nobody will do a thing about this God-awful so-called teacher. Not only is she guilty of all ten of the things in this article, she also attempts to teach the children in her class about "proper nutrition" which is hilarious, since she weighs about 400 pounds!
—Guest Mrs.S

the real teacher

The worst thing a facilitator can do is 'TO BECOME UNTEACHABLE'.
—Guest mr.tanio


A teacher who forgets that he/she is a role model, and practises what he/she doesn't preach is the worst thing a trained teacher can offer to the learners.
—Guest Bernard Ochan

Late Work

I enjoy and share a lot of the information you provide. Thank you for this awesome resource. However, I would like to encourage you and others to reconsider your position on late work. I have found tons of research validating the academic benefits if accepting late work without grade reductions, etc but no research to support these opposite practices. What do our grades represent? Percentage of mastery obtained? Or do grades measure behavioral expectations met? Graded assignments should be the students' demonstration of mastery level and be used to inform the teacher what instruction is needed next. Instead of concentrating on students learning the content (using best practices for planning, instruction, and assessment) many teachers are focused on the false assumption that they are preparing students for the next level. I encourage you to investigate the "Power of I" research out of the SREB and the book, "The Power of ICU" by Hill and Nave.
—Guest Sam Rhodes

Can I Rebuild that Bridge?

Just two days ago, I made a terrible teacher mistake that I have regretted every minute since I realized that it was the worst thing to do in that situation. My students were unusually rowdy during class, talking and fidgeting. There were marvelous moments during the lesson when they were truly engaged and asked brilliant questions that I was thrilled to explain. But I was ready to collapse after our hour and a half was up, because I was exhausted from telling students to quiet down and free their hands to eliminate distractions. So I ended class by letting them know how disappointed I was in their inattentiveness, specifically one student whom I pointed out by name. He immediately looked at me with helpless eyes, tried to explain that he was telling his peers to stop distracting him, and then sunk his head down like a dog hides his tail in shame. Indeed, humiliating students is the WORST thing a teacher can do to discipline them. This situation was particularly harmful.
—Guest Mrs. Sem

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