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Readers Respond: What Do You Think is the Worst Things That a Teacher Can Do?

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Doesn't Help For Tests

Okay, I'm in 7th grade, and Finals are in a week. My social studies teacher doesn't help us get prepared at all! She doesn't even give us a review/study packet or anything. She just says, "Take all the work and homework you've done over the year, and study off of that." Seriously?! Our social studies work is overflowing in my binder. She expects us to read all that and remember it all?
—Guest Anonymous

Making a 10 year old Cry

First off she's a librarian in a school. We had a report that we had to do on a person assigned to us. I was only given 1 article to read. I was an avid reader & read it within 10 minutes. It was very short. I reread it, and asked if I could get any more material to read on my person. The librarian said not unless I took a test on my person. So I asked if I could. She said no. Other kids in my class were allowed to take the test. I sat for 40 minutes and reread the same article over & over. At the end of the period she pulls me aside & says "Just because you think you're special you're not. Just because you think you can read, you don't know everything. So think about that the next time you do this to me." She sent me back to my classroom. I cried on the way there, my 4th grade teacher asked what was wrong. They called my mom & well needless to say the librarian got fired. Seriously, how can you say something that terrible to a 10 year old?
—Guest Teacher's make me sad

Maybe if you were nicer....

Ugh, math. Nobody likes it, but it's necessary right? OK, so I've always been decent in math.. till I got to Geometry class. I made the mistake of applying for IB for my freshman year , and I plan to drop out this year, and my Geometry teacher is one of the reasons why. He basically yells out the material, and he gets mad if we don't know the answer. He'll say stuff like "OK NOW FOLLOW THIS" or "HELLO? YOU THERE? WHAT'S THE ANSWER?" (like really? let us think and shut up.) sometimes he even acts like he's so ABOVE the students .. you should hear what he says. Plus the only "notes" we get are the examples from the book projected onto a screen. No effort on his part. Yep, worst math teacher EVER.
—Guest Fed-up geometry student


I guess the worst thing a teacher can say is I dont care.
—Guest viane


After reading just a few of these posts, I'm disgusted and embarrassed to be a teacher. It doesn't matter what your age or situation is, you are your best advocate. You have the right to a quality education and it is your teacher/professors responsibility to ensure that you understand. Grades are a reflection of the teacher as much as the students. Giving lectures and making students take notes is not teaching. You have to find a political way to make your concerns heard. Start with parents, counselors, administrators, school board members, and if that doesn't work, stir the pot by contacting media.
—Guest Teacher

lazy teachers and home projects

My girl is in the fith grade. Made A's all year. Now at the end of the year. the social studies teacher sends home a big project to be done. that counts for almost the whole grade in her class. If it counts for that much. What's she been doing for 9 weeks. Half her job. Teachers please understand. Parents work too. And a lot of us dont only work full time jobs. But dont have the education to help past lower grades. Due to having to leave school and work to survive. But what we do is pay taxes witch pay the school and you. So teach.
—Guest Busy parent

Neverending Quizzes

Every class, we have a quiz on a book we're reading. We do nothing else and for the rest of the time, we watch a video. How is that teaching? T_T
—Guest Danny

Overly demanding and unreasonable

I'm a 16 year old in a special pull-out Chemistry class run by a Chemistry PhD holder. There aren't many of us, but almost all of my other classmates spend all their hours studying for Chemistry solely, while I would much rather have a life outside the books. So yesterday, the teacher came up to me and asked me what I knew about xx (too specific to reveal), which I hadn't read up on since it was from a university textbook (?!). When I honestly told her I hadn't, she mocked me in front of my classmates and said I belonged with the 'dumb students', 'you'll fail at life because you're not as good as me', etc. I really detest her attitude towards those who are seemingly not as 'great' than her and wanted to answer back at her what a horrid job she did at teaching. Overseas friends think we have a great education with perfect teachers, but if this is anything to go by, it really isn't great. Dear Dr X, please stop all this.
—Guest Guess who I am, teacher.

Teachers should lead by example

Unfortunately many teachers feel they have earned the right to be rude, critical, and flat out disrespectful. Teachers should learn that their job is to influence good overall habits, therfore they should avoid bossy inconsiderate behaviors. Regardless if the student is a 1st grader or senior in high school. Teachers are supposed to be admired; but most are completely impatient and critical of most all people. I only know a few teachers who are deserving of respect. Many of them become teachers to because they like to be in charge (leaders) however, they fail to realize leaders lead by the way they behave & treat others....not by mistreating students and abusing their authority. I am not a high school student. I am a mother, student, professional and most of all a supporter of treating others with dignity.
—Guest peacefullyppl

'Here to help'

I was having a bad time at school, and a teacher decided that it would make everything better to take me out of my class and talk to me. Then, when I came back, everyone had been talking about me, and because he took me out, now hundreds of rumours are going around school!
—Guest Secondarystudent

picking on me

So, I'm a high school senior, right. I know what you're thinking-- senioritis, right? Nope. Surprisingly, given my work ethic (which was, admittedly, lousy for most of high school), I have actually grown up a lot over the past year. I'm genuinely passionate about learning (I always have been, but I used to be really lazy). I've been pushing myself so hard these last few months, equipping myself with both knowledge and the skills to perform well next year at the school I still cannot believe I got into. I've also been dealing with a lot of loss over the last several months, with my grandma passing away in December (two days after my college acceptance) and my grand uncle (who was like another grandfather) this past Sunday. Yet, with all of this, two of my teachers today told me I need to work harder. Both of those teachers previously complimented me on my work ethic. I have A's in both classes. I am genuinely upset by their comments.
—Guest Guest

Bullying because of dislike

I have this teacher who doesn't like me at all. He is an IB history teacher. And one would think that teachers are so nice, but some aren't. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I honestly do try. The family and friend problems that I have are enough to make me cry every night. When he was passing back papers, I was given a quiz that I did horrible on. The only thing my teacher said was, "don't put this on your refrigerator." And I just didn't say anything. Then he said, "because I know I wouldn't put a score like this there. Do you put these kinds of grades on your refrigerator?" He didn't even whisper, and everybody heard. I just wanted to cry and run outside of the classroom, but I only replied, "no I only have pictures on my refrigerator" why would he say that? I have never disrespected him, so why does he laugh at me?
—Guest Student who is humiliated

Destroying Property

Well, they are these bracelets that everyone wears, Saying "I Heart Boobies" that are for breast cancer. I understand that this is inappropriate for school, but some teachers will call the student over to their desk and cut the bracelet. Why not just take it?! Those bracelets are pretty pricey, so I think those students should get paid back.
—Guest Guest M.

Drill Sergeant Technique does NOT work

So, my track coach who is also a teacher, is a complete jerk. (don't want to use strong language here) One morning practice, I had to go on an elementary school tour with my middle school ensembles. She comes into the orchestra room WHILE I am obviously getting ready. She asks me in her drill sergeant voice, Why didn't you come to practice today? I told her why, and she just rolled her eyes in FRONT of my orchestra teacher. The principals even tried to avoid letting my dad talk to her- because they know that she is a jerk to ALL the students -which he never got to do. My orchestra teacher asked if he could help, but I said no because I was afraid she would be angrier with me. The worst part is, now she act all nice to me now that I'm doing good in track.
—Guest Guest Angry

Blaming me for No Apparent Reason

I have one of the worst Social Studies teachers ever. He never tries to find out who did this or that, just blames the kids who he knows don't like him, or he just doesn't like. Someone yelled out just "Yeah!" When he was teaching and he sent my friend to the office. Another time, someone kept talking and he gave me lunch detention.
—Guest Guest Confused

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