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Readers Respond: What Do You Think is the Worst Things That a Teacher Can Do?

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We all make mistakes when we are teaching. I know that there have been many instances when I've done something that I regretted upon further reflection. However, here I want you to share what you think is the worst thing that a teacher can do.

Why!? Just why...

Why do teachers give tests all on the same day? We get tired, sad, and stressed. We have other classes too and homework. Don't forget extra curricular activities. Pray for me because I have 6 tests tomorrow at the same time.
—Guest High school Purgatory member

Too much help

One of the worst things a teacher can do is give student everything. A majority of my classes in high school never required me to learn anything outside class, and teachers often went over material multiple times. In my opinion, this actually hurts student because it doesn't prepare them for college. In college the professor goes over the most important information and then says everything in the textbook is fair game. You are responsible for your learning. High school teachers aren't preparing us for this.
—Guest Recently graduated


I think the worst thing is if you are in class and the teacher can see you are struggling with the work but they don't come and help. I am shy and find it hard to ask for help so I usually have to work things out on my own, this is annoying as by the time I work it out everyone else is ahead of me.
—Guest Melanie

Sick of the system

By far one of the worst things our public school systems have done is make student's stop caring. I will be a sophomore in high school and already I have lost my appetite for school. I still love to learn, but the endless BS assignments and droning on in school have managed to make me hate school. Our schools seem more focused on drowning students with work, making sure they remember the contents of that work for a week and repeating, than teaching useful information in a memorable fashion. Student's learn in different fashions and find different information relevant to them.
—Guest Student

Unfair Marking

At my school we use IPads which aren't connected to the printer system so to print work you have to email it to yourself. I attempted to so so but the Internet stopped working and only 1 page of my work was printed. I told the teacher and she asked me to come back to the computer room the next day at recess as the lesson was over. I went there at recess and no one was there so I printed my work and figured I could bring it to the lesson. I walked into my class next period and went to hand it to her but she replied, "You should've come at recess and given it to me then." I told her I had looked for her to which she replied "We'll, you didn't look hard enough, I was in my office the whole time." She hadn't told me where her office was or to even go there and I was confused. I also don't have any friends in the class so I couldn't ask anyone. Anyway, she marked the page I had done and gave me an F which I thought was very unreasonable as it was not my fault.
—Guest sassybananas

Still Embarrassed

I remember in 5th grade I had a teacher who pretty much despised me and a fellow student who I happened to befriend. Back then I wasn't the smartest or most motivated student, all I was interested in was art. I remember this one time I lost a homework assignment and couldn't remember what I had done with it because I had so many other things I had to work on. When I told her I had lost it, she picked up my desk, took it out into the hall, and proceeded to dump the contents all over the floor and yelled at me to find it, clean up your mess and slammed the classroom door. I sat out in the hall and cried so hard I couldn't see. I never did find that assignment and she never apologized. I also remember once that during free time I had doodled on a sheet of notebook paper and put it on the corner of my desk when we had to get back to work. I think I put a pencil on top of the paper and she saw me do that and ripped up the paper, telling me if she ever caught me drawing I'd have detention.
—Guest Holli

thigs that teachers should not do

In my opinion the worst thing that a teacher can do is to forgive students and don't react just when the they behave badly. for example; the teacher set a rule that no one will enter the class when he closed the dore and one day a student came late and he let him enter. this will change students' view of their teacher and open other cases like that. so ther will be no respect and control.
—Guest sam

hard times

I have dyslexia and my mom has talked to my teachers about it. I read a lot but not in front of people. So in the middle of the school year, I got a really bad grade on a test and the teacher says, "Oh do I need to get someone to read to you or did you just make a lot of mistakes. Instead of being my sarcastic self, I just said I made some mistakes.
—Guest guest


My freshman year me and my friends just had the worst experience ever… the teacher basically wouldnt teach, she would just sit her chair in her rolly chair and put like a worksheet on the board and would go through it but would want us to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION no matter what… even if you didnt understand it… and if you were gone a day for whatever reason she would just make fun of you in front of everybody… plus she would leave it to us to learn what you missed out on the day before… if you never learn it WELL TOUGH COOKIE YOU WILL NEVER LEARN IT!!! The rest of the year after that will go down the drain… Ps… 95% of the class didnt understand anything she made us work on… the majority of the class failed the semester…
—Guest Guest um glad to be out of her class

A teacher that TRULY doesn't care

In 9th grade, I had a history teacher who did not bother teaching most of the time; she gave us worksheets and projects to do the whole period while sitting in the back of the room surfing her computer. And during her once-in-a-lifetime lessons, she would go on a tangent about pop culture or anything else. You could even tell from the tone of her voice that she doesn't really care. But since she was an easy grader, I would never have traded her for another teacher.
—Guest asdfghjkl

Thinking everything is easy

My teacher thought everything was super easy, and of course, we as students should know all of this as well. I think it is a mindset he should get rid of because he constantly made students feel horrible when we didn't understand something right away. He would give us tests and quizzes as soon as we walked into the door because he thought an "easy" test or quiz would boost our mark. He would make many people feel horrible as well when we didn't get something he found super easy. He was a nice man to talk to about other things, but if he left that idea go, maybe he would be a better teacher.
—Guest :/

Calling a student stupid

I was called stupid by this teacher who over reacted to me doing something. she called me stupid several times then isolated me from the classroom for the rest of the week. she made me feel like I was a worthless person. This teacher was a special education teacher which i think was especially wrong to call me stupid.
—Guest High School studnt

They dont know how to teach!

This one teacher I have is terrible at teaching Math, he doesnt let the class attempt the work on their own! From what ive heard from other previous students they agreed with my view on this man. The people in my class are pretty rowdy, loud, class clowns-that type of group. But once we get into his class everyone and I mean EVERYONE goes silent. He just stands up infront of the board and does the lesson for us, not giving us the chance to ask questions or answer any! Not to mention our class period is 75 minutes long, so for that entire time he is talking! No time at all for letting us try to work on our own while still being assisted when needed. It makes me think he teaches it like a university prof. but this is a gr 11 college math course! Anyways, I write my final exam tomorrow and decided I better reflect on his teaching before I ended my school year off. Cheers!
—Guest frustrated student

Everyone Knows

My teacher thinks that everyone learned about politics last year but last year my other teacher said "You'll learn it next year". So now i have no knowledge on politics.
—Guest 6th Grade Girl

My Misery

I never hated school. My friends made me happy and our school had the perfect atmosphere for reaching your maximum potential. But here's the catch, certain teachers in our school made our lives a living hell. They tell us that if we don't score high grades we'd fail in life. They read out our marks in front of everyone. They get their noses inside our personal lives and one teacher actually said, and I quote, " As long as I am getting paid monthly, teaching you is useless." Some used offensive phrases that makes you tear. Nevertheless, the majority are nice, caring and they make sure that we actually learn things. If only the minority of the bad ones could change!
—Guest 11th Grader

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