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Teacher Salaries in Private Schools - About.com
Historically, private school teachers salaries have been less than those in the public school sector. Years ago teachers would accept a position in a private ...
Top Ten States for Teacher Pay - Secondary Education - About.com
According to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the average teacher pay across the United States in the 2006-07 school year was $51,009.
Private School Teacher Salaries - Private Schools - About.com
Private school teacher salaries generally mirror those of public school teachers. Is this true at your school or in your area? We would like to know.
what do private school teachers earn? - Private Schools - About.com
While teachers are valuable and should, in an ideal world, be paid well, teachers often accept lower pay at private schools because the work environment can ...
How Much Does a Special Education Teacher Earn? - Job Searching
Information on special education teacher salaries. ... Special Education Teachers oversee the education and training for students with physical, emotional, ...
Teachers Salary Merit Pay - What Is Your Opinion of Merit Pay for ...
The issue of merit pay for teacher salaries is a hot topic that can sometimes turn into a sensitive issue. What do you think? Should teachers' salaries be tied to ...
Worst Ten States for Teacher Pay - Secondary Education - About.com
Here are the ten worst states in the United States for average teacher pay.
Private School Teacher Salaries - Salaries for ... - Private Schools
Private school teacher salary information for the United States.
Jobs in Teaching Special Education
The average teachers salary in the U.S. is $28,500, but the NEA and AFT are both pushing for a starting salary of $40,000 for all teachers with a bachelors ...
How Much Does a Teacher Assistant Earn?
Information on teacher assistant salaries. ... Teacher Assistants typically work one on one with students to help them understand and apply principles taught by ...

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