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Teaching Techniques, News, Articles and Advice
This site is dedicated to educational professionals and is geared to provide information to educators, administrators, and the teaching profession.
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List of teaching skills to use for resumes, cover letters and job interviews, plus more lists of skills and keywords for employment.
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Teaching 101 can help you understand all the basics of teaching. Here you will be provided with information to help with classroom discipline, lesson planning, ...
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Teaching is more than just a job; it's a calling. Share your answers to this question: Why did you become a teacher?
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There are several different pathways to become a certified teacher. Every state has a somewhat different process, but they are overall very similar in nature.
Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship
A teaching assistantship can help you pay your way through grad school.
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These articles provide to the basics of teaching English as a second language to adults. They cover everything from common jargon and standard lesson plans ...
How to Be a Teacher - Methods for Becoming a Teacher
There are many paths to becoming a teacher. This article gives an overview of the different ways a person can use to reach their goal.
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Use these tips, strategies, and ideas to help with discipline, cooperative learning, motivating students, critical thinking, teaching character and ethics, and ...

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